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Mistress Roulette Strap-On Video Conclusion


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The concluding video for the “First Tease of the Week” we published so long ago.

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The Ladies Guide to Deflowering a Man’s Ass


Available In: MPEG HD, Quicktime HD, AVI, iPod, Quicktime, WMV, Video on Demand

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Preview Video: Teaching Brandi Belle How to Subjugate Her Man


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Diary of a Dominatrix #34: The Roots of Our Kinks, Part II


Major changes are underway in the relationship between Mistress Roulette and Mister P that are revealed in this episode. The most Earth shattering revelation is that Mistress Roulette now has Mister P’s consent to have sexual intercourse outside of their relationship. Our kinky duo talk about their reasons for why they have reached this unconventional decision, what it is that they both hope to gain from it, how their kinky sex lives have helped them to uncover and deal with past psychological trauma, and how they have grown so closely together that they simply can’t imagine their lives without each other.

There’s a lot of love her, but a fair amount of interesting sex in Diary of a Dominatrix #34: The Roots of Our Kinks, Part II

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Post Tease and Denial Interview


For those of you who might be interested, Mistress Roulette and I recorded an interview immediately after we filmed the Tease and Denial scene whereby she tied me up, teased my cock, fucked me with her strap-on, and would not let me come.

It was quite an intense scene, which you can view here if you’d like. Here’s the free Youtube interview.

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Diary of a Dominatrix #25: The Breaking of Mister P


Ash Camerazi returns to join Mistress Roulette and Mister P discuss their new pornographic videos they have just produced. Ash quickly becomes fascinated with the discussion of chastity play and the darker side of kinky desires and Mistress Roulette reveals that a new short term goal of her’s… the emotional breakdown of Mister P.

Diary of a Dominatrix #25: The Breaking of Mister P

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Diary of a Dominatrix Podcast Episode #12: ‘P and Roulette Made a Porno’


Mistress Roulette and Mister P reflect on the making of their first pornographic video. They go on to discuss the childhood roots of their kinky perversions, some of the hotter scenes they’ve done, and some videos they’d like to make. Mistress Roulette also discusses more weirdness about her childhood.

Diary of a Dominatrix #12

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Mister P’s Chastity Cycle Ends Tomorrow …


He’s been very good, too. I’d like to reward him for his behaviour — but with what? Hey, maybe you’ve got some fun suggestions or exciting ideas I could incorporate into our scene …

If so, I’d love to hear ’em. And never forget, my group members — my Best Bets — always have full access to not only the chastity journal, but my little devious pontifications. In fact, they can ask me anything they want to.

Would you like to join up? It’s easy — and totally free. (And don’t worry about being approved; I’ll take care of that for you.)

I wonder what wild and crazy things we’ll cook up this time — or if we’ll just be kickin’ it old school. (I do love a good T&D scene.)

Decisions, decisions.

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A Most Intense Kind of Sex


Like other women I’ve dated, Roulette developed an non-penetrative way to achieve orgasm from all of her years spent as an abstinent teenager. She has the ability to sit in my lap and grind her naked pussy against my cock until she achieves orgasm. It’s quite hot, actually; particularly, if it’s being coupled with a tease and denial scene, as she is often wont to do.

As I’ve written in prior posts, episodes of chastity tend to give me these overwhelming feelings of intensity. On Saturday night, I was definitely feeling it, and she had already let me know that I would NOT be coming this weekend. I felt the telltale sense of growing awe as I got home from work that night and looked upon her; the femininity of her body always seems so amazing about three days into chastity. The shape of her face, the heave of her breasts, and the feel of her ass, all seem to be entirely new; it’s as though she were the only woman in the world to me.

But with that sense of awe also comes a sense of dread, for she is going to use me for her pleasure and I am to be kept wanting. With that in mind, she took me over to the couch, sat straddle of my lap, and started kissing me. She and I really enjoy long make-out sessions, although, during these times my submissiveness really comes through. I just melt under her as she pushes my face back and runs her tongue down the length of my neck. We continue making out as she whips my longing for her into a fevered pitch and then commands me to take my pants off. I do so and sit submissively on the couch waiting for her next move.

She stands before me as I sit on the couch and look at her. Given my submissive mindset and the need to come, the power of her sexuality intimidates and scares me as she lowers her panties to her ankles. I have no idea what she’s going to do to me, but I’m already under her thumb and feel a growing sense of dread as she straddles my lap. She positions herself so that her pussy is rubbing right against my cock and begins to grind away as I’m forced to helplessly watch her get herself off. (more…)

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Lazy Sunday. Feeling sadistic, and no one to play with.



I’ve no sessions at the moment, and am abysmally bored. Will no one call me on my NiteFlirt line? I’m in one of those moods today. The beast is unleashed; I want someone to torture and tease. Pick apart his little brain and leave him begging for me to put it back together again.

But only if he’s lucky. And only if he begs me properly.

Are there no takers? Not even for a little while?

Consider it now. Soon, I won’t be asking.

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