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Diary of a Dominatrix #31: Elements of Femdom

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In this Podcast, Mistress Roulette and Mister P reflect on what constitutes real male submission versus what they consider to be faking it. They also discuss a new psychological technique that Roulette is considering using with both her clients and her lover.

Diary of a Dominatrix#31: Elements of Femdom

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MR’s Diary of a Dominatrix Podcast: #4 – ‘Adventures in Chastity’

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It’s been a while since we’ve published one of Mistress Roulette’s podcasts, and a lot of our friends has asked if we’d given up on them. Far from it, I had made a significant investment in some very expensive audio mixing equipment and two rather expensive microphones. Sadly, that equipment just collected dust for a few months, but no more.

Mistress Roulette has recently teamed with myself and local figure in the Los Angeles kinky scene, Master No One, to record not one but two podcasts. The first is on chastity play, and is available now for your listening pleasure. The second will be up next week, so be patient.

Spin of the Wheel, Part 4

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How to Subscribe to Content Using an RSS Feed


Mistress Roulette just posted the conclusion to her first erotica piece, “If You Only Knew.” I hope you enjoy it.

I have also updated the Erotica RSS Feed to include this latest submission. However, I realize that a lot of you reading this site don’t really understand what that means. In fact, ad admirer of Mistress Roulette recently asked me during Dom Con to explain exactly what RSS is and how to use it.

In essence, RSS is a technology that allows you to subscribe to web content. This website currently offers three separate RSS feeds:

So you can subscribe to any or all of those RSS Feeds and receive immediate updates whenever there is new content for you. (more…)

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About Mistress Roulette


I am a dominant woman.

I don’t play at it, I don’t simply fantasise about it. I just simply am.

I was the vampyre queene while the other little girls were playing at being faerie princesses. Though I could perform the many arias of Briar Rose to perfection, it was Maleficent’s litany to Prince Phillip on the hopelessness of ‘true love conquering all’ and the delivery of her own power-play that captured my heart. Needless to say, I was always a little bit dark. The many personae in my head as a child, (which led me to believe I was mad before I realised I was actually just a writer) ranged from powerful, dominant women to the seasoned villainness and the experienced seductress. No ingenues, naive faire maidens, or delicate flowers for me. The only princess whom I admired was Leia; I often found myself fantasising about being the one seductress mastermind capable of making even Bond succumb and surrender. (Ridiculously hot kinky sex to follow — and of course, he’d live to fight another day. But his body, his heart, his soul — those would be mine.) But Fleming never made my fantasy come true. Naturally, I never quite gave it up. I kept on writing, kept on dreaming, kept on creating tales of mystery, espionage, suspense, murder, even science-fiction and fantasy — with daring, empowered women and the strong, devoted men who were helplessly under their spell, though powerful in their own right. (more…)

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