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Diary of a Dominatrix #35: The Power of the Dark Side


Mistress Roulette and Mister P follow up their last Podcast episode by discussing the events of Hallowe’en — specifically between Roulette and her ‘amorous interest’ — on what would be their last weekend to spend together in the foreseeable future, given Roulette’s new job.

Since they had the run of the apartment for several hours and were going to a new bondage club hours that evening, Mister P admitted to some concern.

Given Roulette’s stating in a previous episode that she enjoyed the effect the possibility of sex with another man was having on her submissive fiancé, feeling it’s a nice addition to the relationship between the two of them, Mister P, however, is clearly more circumspect, fearing Roulette’s manipulations may not end well — considering an entirely different tactic just recently cost her an eleven year friendship — that of the man with whom she lost her virginity. (But you’ll never guess why.)

Pulses will race as you find the conclusion of this action-packed Podcast episode. Listen now, to Diary of a Dominatrix #35: The Power of the Dark Side.

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