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Diary of a Dominatrix #25: The Breaking of Mister P


Ash Camerazi returns to join Mistress Roulette and Mister P discuss their new pornographic videos they have just produced. Ash quickly becomes fascinated with the discussion of chastity play and the darker side of kinky desires and Mistress Roulette reveals that a new short term goal of her’s… the emotional breakdown of Mister P.

Diary of a Dominatrix #25: The Breaking of Mister P

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All Work and No Orgasms Might Make Me a Frustrated Boy


As you can imagine, in a relationship between a professional poker player and a dominatrix who are madly in love, a lot of time will be spent with each other. Since we both have flexible jobs that don’t demand that we be anywhere at any particular time, we would often find occasions to spend lots of time together rather than each spending time pursuing our prospective professions. It is both the blessing and the curse of unstructured professions that you can do it whenever you want her, and lovers can often find occasions to do each other instead of their work.

But all that’s starting to change now. I’ve gotten a regular job… as a professional poker player. As strange as it may seem, a casino where I would frequently play has decided to employ me there to play poker and pay me $25 an hour. That would be in addition to the money I win, which makes it closer to $40 an hour or so. The money was too good for me to pass up, so it’s off to work I go. If you can call it that.

male chastity cover

But the prospect of spending far more time apart from each other every week was going to present a challenge to the two of us who had grown so used to spending so much time together. So my mistress decided that we would use chastity play to help increase the intensity of the time we did spend together. Of course, the fact that she just finished a book on male chastity might have had something to do with influencing her decision. No matter, she is correct. Chastity play will help to focus a real intensity in the time we spend together.

As part of the exercises of the book, she wanted me to keep a journal here of my feelings. According to the book, it will help her know how I am moving through the eroticism, past the frustration, and into developing an even closer bond as I learn to focus my energy. I have no idea if she is right, but I am hopeful. Currently, on a scale of 1 to 5, I would have to rate my arousal at a 3 and my frustration at a 2. I feel good and am looking forward to going to “work” and taking people’s money.

I’ll keep everyone posted as my state progresses.

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MR’s Diary of a Dominatrix Podcast: #4 – ‘Adventures in Chastity’

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It’s been a while since we’ve published one of Mistress Roulette’s podcasts, and a lot of our friends has asked if we’d given up on them. Far from it, I had made a significant investment in some very expensive audio mixing equipment and two rather expensive microphones. Sadly, that equipment just collected dust for a few months, but no more.

Mistress Roulette has recently teamed with myself and local figure in the Los Angeles kinky scene, Master No One, to record not one but two podcasts. The first is on chastity play, and is available now for your listening pleasure. The second will be up next week, so be patient.

Spin of the Wheel, Part 4

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