NiteFlirt Code of Conduct

NiteFlirt is one of the services to which I also offer my time and expertise, and I have multiple listings on the site. For more information about them, I highly suggest you visit the main site and go from there.


I have no set hours for NiteFlirt at the moment, but am able to arrange appointments in advance as well as take whatever immediate calls that happen to come through while I’m signed in. My typical hours range from 12:00p – 2:30p, and 7:15p – 1:00a on most days. Bear in mind, they are not continuous; there will be various segments in which I’m only set to arrange calls for a short period, (15 – 45 minutes), but as soon as I’m logged back in, I can call you back. Don’t expect to see me on after 3:00a or prior to noon, however, unless in sporadic cases. I also prefer not to schedule appointments for past 1:00a, or prior to 12:00p. I will occasionally do a session prior to noon, but not before 9:00a, and they will always be scheduled in advance.


I love to receive calls on NiteFlirt from new and previous clients. Be mindful, though, that I receive a large volume of calls at times, and I may not recall you immediately. If we’ve spoken before, politely remind me of our last session and give some bullet points. As such, there are certain things I expect from those who contact me this way as well, and I require they behave in a certain manner and exhibit the following qualities:

  • Polite: Always address me as you would any Mistress. No ‘baby’, no ‘sweetie’, no ‘honey’ or ‘doll’. It’s demeaning and unacceptable. You will always refer to me as ‘Miss’ or ‘Mistress’, regardless of circumstance. Should you become a regular caller and we become more familiar with each other, I will address this, if need be. And when our call is completed or your credits expire, properly disconnect the call by thanking me for my time and setting up another appointment, if desired. I cannot stand it when a caller intentionally disconnects unexpectedly because they were expecting something else than they were getting, but didn’t have the consideration to state that in the beginning. Don’t do that to me. I hate it.
  • Informed: I have many listings, and it’s not always apparent to me which you’re calling. Be considerate and say something to the effect of, ‘Hello, Mistress Roulette. I’m Joe Schmoe from Anywhereville, USA calling your [title here] listing. I’m [submissive / switch / fetish of choice], and would like to discuss [topic, concern, or fantasy] with you today / tonight.’ So, have those ready for me, and we’ll have a wonderful call.
  • Authenticity: I’m a domme, as well as a professional dominatrix. Don’t ask me to be submissive in any way, shape or form. This kinda ties into the ‘politeness’ category where some people think they can call me whatever they want. In that vein, don’t ask for things you know I won’t do. I’m a female dominant. That’s how I roll.
  • Integrity: My phone sessions are a sanctuary, and my time is valuable. I want you to feel free to explore and share your deepest, most frightening, and extremely erotic desires, fantasies, and experiences. Everything is entirely confidential, and anything you say to me stays with us only. In turn, show me the proper respect for my time and attention. I am honest, truthful, and trustworthy. I don’t appreciate it when people try and use me as they would someone far beneath my station, education, and of lesser quality and experience. If you want stereotypical phone sex, be upfront about it. There’s little more infuriating than a caller who really wants one thing but pretends to be seeking another.

As always, if you have any questions, you may email me with them and I’ll address them as soon as I’m able. Thanks for reviewing my NiteFlirt Code of Conduct.

I hope we speak soon.

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