The “Mistress Roulette Presents” Video and Clip Page

What if your woman were cheating on you with another woman? Who’s now here to show you that she can fuck your woman better than you can?

This clip open with the girlfriend revealing that she’s been fooling around. Soon the doorbell rings and it’s her lover, played by Cheyenne Jewel. Cheyenne wastes no time in putting you in your place as she starts to show your girlfriend how to smother you under her ass cheeks. The two women make out on top of him as he struggles to breathe.

Cheyenne then exposes her to the power of a woman’s feet by having him worship and lick all four of these two sexy women. In fact, she scissors his neck between her two legs to choke him while the girlfriend puts her feet in his face and then starts to put her face-sitting into practice.

Cheyenne then decides it’s time to fuck, so she pulls out her strap-on and goes to town on the girlfriend, right over the man’s face. She humiliates him by telling him that she’s a better lover a pulls her cock out of his girlfriend to sticks it into his mouth.

After she’s brought her to orgasm, they both take pity on him and allow him to jerk out while they stick their feet in his face.

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Mistress Alice decides it’s time to take her sub further, and she does so with much more extreme bondage. She uses pallet wrap followed by duct tape to completely mummify him, after which she fits him with a dildo gag so he can watch up close and personal as she uses him to get herself off.

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Mistress Roulette’s directorial debut. She works entirely behind the camera on this one, but was fundamental in putting the scene together. In it, Mister P plays the role of a husband who’s wife is about to go out and have sex with a strange man. As it turns out, a strange black man. Sara James plays the wife in this role and makes Mister P aid her in all manner of making her new lover happy. The awkwardness on Mister P’s face as he is forced to hold her hair while she blows her lover adds a real dimension of emotional remorse to the scene.

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Alice in Wonderland as you’ve never seen her before! She’s tired of all the Cheshire Cat’s catting around and decides to chain him to a pillar and torture his balls. The Cheshire Cat’s scrotum turns out to be enormous, either from overactivity or from previous CBT, but that only encourages Alice to take her paddle to his swollen testicles.

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