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Mistress Roulette’s second in the “Domme Lessons” series. When this couple (Cheyenne and Kid Dynamite) comes to them for couples therapy, they get more than they bargained for. But then, what else would you expect when your Couple’s Therapist is a Dominatrix.

She teaches Cheyenne that she needs to be in complete control of the relationship and teach her man his place- under her ass and feet. Mistress Roulette shows Cheyenne that a humble man is a happy man, and what better why to keep him humble than forcing him to get you off after licking your feet? First he is forced to try to go through Couple’s Therapy while Cheyenne is sticking her stinky feet in his face. Then Cheyenne straps a dildo to his face and forces him to watch helplessly as she rides it to orgasm, all the while discussing her relationship with Roulette.

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Mistress Roulette is providing some relationship counseling to real life couple Brandi Belle and Michael. He advice is, of course, pointedly Female Domination oriented. Specifically she feels the woman needs to be in total charge of the relationship, particularly whether Michael can ever cum again.

Mistress Roulette goes on to explain that while she can cum as many times and in as many ways as can be imaginable, he orgasms are to be at her sole discretion. She recommends other ways to motivate her man, and then gives a hands on demonstration of how to conduct a Tease and Denial scene.

Brandi teases her man to the edge of orgasm under Mistress Roulette’s watchful gaze, and then further humiliates her man by striping naked and forcing him to hold a gag in his mouth that has a dildo on the other end. She rides that dildo to orgasm while he is forced to watch her satisfy herself from point blank range.

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Mistress Roulette and Mister P are at it again. Breaking up is hard to do, and even Femdoms get the blues sometimes. Mistress Roulette has just gone through a break-up with the male lover she felt submissive to, and she decides to take our her rage on her submissive boyfriend, Mister P.

She starts by inserting a plug and strapping it deep into his ass, before teasing his cock mercilessly. She then makes him watch helplessly as she goes and fetches her favorite dildo to violate his ass with.

She starts to pound him pretty hard, but is then overcome with the emotion of the breakup and the whole scene and starts to cry. The scene turns tender as Mistress Roulette tries to tease her sub to the breaking point to allow him to empathize.

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Mistress Roulette lubing up her strap-on

Mistress Roulette dons her biggest strapon to fill her slave Mr. P’s mouth. She spends over 10 minutes fucking his face, and having him worship her cock.

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Mistress Roulette and Alice in Bondageland double team Mister P

Mistress Roulette teams up in her first two domme picture with Alice in Bondageland. Together they restrain, spank, and cane Mister P before they done their strapons to fill his holes. They then finish by taking pity on him and giving him a release.

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We’re continuing on in the genre of sex going on in Mistress Roulette’s counseling office, and Lily Cade and Ela Darling really know how to get down to it.

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Watch as Sara James receives real-life instruction (she had never explored female domination before this video) from Mistress Roulette on the technical aspects of spanking, caning, and paddling.

She then gets some real life experience as a slave is brought in and forced to endure Sara James’s initiation into the circle of female dominants. She quite enjoys herself as she whacks his ass with everything that’s been laid out before her.

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Mistress Roulette teases her slave Mr. P in this tease and denial handjob clip. Twenty minutes of stroking to the edge ends without an orgasm.

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Mistress Alice’s slave is in sore need of discipline. He recently tried to lick her pussy without permission! For this, Alice calls in her friend, Mistress Roulette, and together they give him the discipline he deserves by caning him until he safe words out.

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