Tokens of Love 1: A Traditional Courtship

by Nessus

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The first time I saw her was in the perfume counter at Donalds and was immediately entranced by her voluptuous beauty. I was moving stock on the floor above and I watched her and her entourage move through the aisles.

“Who’s that?” I said casually to Tony who was working with me.

“A rich bitch,” he said with a complete lack of interest.

“She’s beautiful,” I murmured. “How rich?”

“Her family owns this store, most of the town and the state. Real rich!”

“She married?”

“Nope. No one can get close, Billy. I know you’re new to town but have you seen the compound on the San Rosa Hill overlooking the bay?” I nodded. “That’s her family’s. There are about five big houses in that compound. As I said, real rich!”

“She always travel with hangers-on?”

“Always. That’s why guys like you and me can’t get close. Forget about her, Billy.”

“What’s her name?”

“Luisa Ciccosa. Let’s go to work.”

For a moment, I stared down at her and she suddenly looked up and studied me coolly. Immediately, I felt myself blush and quickly bent to my task. When I glanced up, she was gone.

People tell me I’m a good-looking guy. Some go as far as calling me pretty. Trouble is, I’ve always been shy, uncertain and, when it comes to women, completely tongue-tied. I’ve been in institutions all my life where every minute of my day was planned and I didn’t have to think for myself. They kicked me out when I finished school with nowhere to go so I started wandering the country, working wherever I could. As I’ve never enjoyed much success with women, my only pleasure has been from books and I remained a masturbating virgin.

Every Saturday, I spent the afternoon in the town library reading all I could. It was my one moment of escape. The next Saturday, I couldn’t believe my eyes when Luisa walked in. She was breathtakingly beautiful, even dressed in jeans and shirt and her hair in a ponytail. I gave her a shy smile and returned to my books, ignoring her for the rest of the afternoon.

The second Saturday she smiled and I blushed, gave her a stuttered hello and buried myself in the books again. On the third Saturday, Luisa arrived in a simple black dress with black hose, her thick black hair spilling over her shoulders.

“Hello,” she said in a husky voice and I willed myself not to glance at the tops of her breasts peeking out from her dress. “You’re here again.”

I nodded. “So are you,” I stammered.

She smiled, placed her books next to me and sat next to me. For the rest of the afternoon, she chattered with me and I finally plucked up the courage to ask her out. I blushed and stammered my way through it and she placed her warm hand on my arm. “You’re sweet, but I can’t,” she said. “In my family, we have certain traditions.”

I was becoming totally enraptured by her and looked forward to seeing her at the library on those stolen afternoons. Again, I stammered a proposal but it was the same answer the next Saturday. The following Saturday she looked at me with those big brown eyes after I asked again. “I’m sorry,” she said sadly.

“Why won’t you go out with me?” I asked petulantly.

“I told you, family traditions.”

“Do I have to ask your father?”

“My mother.” I looked at her to see if she was joking, but she was serious. “You have to ask my mother.”

“Of course,” I said gallantly. “I will ask your mother.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, looking deeply into my eyes.

I stared at her full red lips, enchanted by her. “Of course.”

“Can you be at my home tonight at six?”

“Yes. What’s the address?”

“You don’t know? Of course,” she added quickly. “I haven’t told you.” She scribbled the address down on a piece of paper. “I’ll see you tonight,” she said as she handed it to me.

I walked up the hill and was let through the gates just before six. Luisa’s mother kept me waiting in a small room for almost half an hour but when she walked in I saw where Luisa gained her beauty.

“Billy,” she said regally, extending her hand. “It’s so nice to meet you. Luisa has told me about you. I’m Veronica, Luisa’s mother.” She was dressed in a cocktail dress that reached her knees so my eyes were drawn to her black hose as she crossed her legs. I waited for her to invite me to sit but she didn’t so I stood in front of her.

“I hope she has said good things about me?” I said nervously.

“Yes,” she said coolly. “She has and she also tells me you want to go out on a date?” I nodded. “I’m afraid we have a traditional approach to dating before marriage.”

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“I understand.”

She examined me coldly. “Do you? No, I don’t think you do. I will speak frankly. We understand that a certain, how do you say, `petting’ goes on in a relationship between and young woman and her man.” I flushed and nodded. “And that’s acceptable. However, actual sexual intercourse is forbidden until marriage.”

Blushing, I nodded, “Of course. I agree.”

“Do you? Interesting,” she said dismissively. “My family has a centuries long tradition that the women must follow. To date Luisa, you must follow the path of many men before you. Are you willing? Is your love for Luisa that strong?” she asked ironically.

This was a powerful woman and I felt like a deer in the headlights under her steely gaze. “Yes. It is,” I said weakly.

“We will see,” she said, abruptly stood up and pressed a buzzer. Moments later, the servant opened the door. “Enrico, please show Billy to Dr. Rombossi.”

Dr Rombossi was an older man who lived in a smaller cottage in the compound. “Ah,” he said. “The Billy I’ve heard so much about. Please take all your clothes off.” For the next thirty minutes I was examined and, embarrassingly, my penis measured.

“The tradition is,” he said, producing a metal tube with locking devices fitted, “that you must wear this to date Luisa.”

“What is it?” I said weakly, in shock.

“A chastity belt. It will stop you from getting hard. You’ll have to sit to pee but, no matter,” he laughed.

“But, why?”

“You can not have sexual intercourse. It is the tradition. Of course, there are other ways to satisfy each other,” he said and winked.

“But how, if that is locked on? Who has the key?” I asked, totally confused.

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“All right. Anything for Luisa,” I said solemnly and he laughed softly as he showed me how to put it on.

“Just the right fit,” he said. “I keep many sizes but that is the perfect one for you. We have these especially made in Milano. How does it feel?”


“Of course. Here is the key for you to take to Luisa in a moment but I’ll explain a little more of the tradition. For you to have a little fun,” he said, his eyes twinkling, “you have to give Luisa three.” He held three fingers up.

“Three? You mean three orgasms?” I said incredulously, flushing.

“It is the tradition,” he said in a solemn voice. “After marriage, it is five. For you it will be no problem. She is young, she is healthy; she should pop like a firecracker.” He snapped his fingers.

“If you say so,” I said embarrassed, puzzled as to exactly how I would give her orgasms.

“I am her doctor, I know how healthy she is. There is more. For every one you give her, she will give you a token of her love.” He showed a small token with some sort of crest on it. “When you have three of these, you will get to enjoy yourself.” He winked again.

“This is strange,” I said weakly.

“It is the tradition. Now, meet Luisa in the garden. She is waiting for you.” Luisa was standing in the moonlight under a tree and I rushed to her.

“You’ve agreed?” she asked and, even in the moonlight, I could tell she was blushing.

“Yes,” I smiled and handed her the key. “I would do anything for you.”

“Oh Billy,”‘ she exclaimed and leapt into my arms. Our first kiss was long and passionate. For the first time, I felt the iron grasp of the tube around my poor cock.

“Mother has suggested you might like to stay in our guest cottage. Would you?”

A silly question. “Of course. If it’s not too much trouble?’ I added quickly.

I moved my meagre possessions into the guest cottage the next day and revelled in my new luxurious surroundings. The chastity tube was restrictive but so far, there was no real impact and I had plans to score my first token that night.

Luisa and her mother invited me to lunch on the terrace overlooking the bay and my cock stirred in it’s confines as I watched the two beautiful women. They were dressed in loose robes over bikinis and my cock twitched and strained in my shorts.

Luisa slipped her robe off and stretched by the pool as I ogled her tanned body in the white bikini. Smiling, she lay face down on the recliner chair and beckoned me with a bottle of oil. “Oil me?” she whispered and I rubbed the oil into her smooth skin, my cock pulsing wildly in its prison as my hands roamed that wonderful body.

Veronica stood next to us and removed her robe to reveal a black one-piece swimsuit that displayed her full breasts. In one fluid movement she dived into the pool and started slowly swimming laps.

“Hmm, that’s nice,” Luisa said as I massaged her back. She rolled over and smiled. “Now my front.” I stared open mouthed at her full breasts cupped in the white bikini top and the front of her bikini pants pulled tightly across her mound. Luisa spread her legs slightly so I could massage her thighs and I found myself hypnotised by her crotch, so much so that I wasn’t aware her mother had climbed from the pool.

Veronica was dripping water as she looked down on us. “Trying for a token so soon?” she said dryly and I blushed. “Lunch is served,” she announced and we adjourned to the table on the terrace. The woman chatted through a variety of topics while I sat in painful silence. For a long time I had masturbated every day and now, I realised that surviving without an orgasm for a long period was going to be difficult.
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That evening after dinner, Luisa and I walked hand in hand through the garden. She was dressed in a light blue dress with white sandals, her hair brushed back. I kissed her passionately, caressing her neck and hair as I deposited little kisses over her throat. “Ohh,” she breathed. “That’s wonderful.” Delicately, she guided my hand so I cupped her breast and she pushed against me as my cock squirmed in its cell.

She led me to a garden bench and we continue kissing until she became very passionate. “I want to give you a token,’ she whispered as she moved my hand to cup her crotch through her panties.

“I want one,” I whispered fiercely as my hand massaged her pussy through the panties.

“It has to be a special way,” she whispered in my ear, her breath hot against my neck. “With your mouth”. Startled, I pulled away and looked at her. “Here?” I said, looking around at the garden with the houses surrounding it.

“It’s dark, no one can see,” she whispered. “I know I’ll be quick.”

“I don’t know how,” I admitted, blushing. “I’ve never done it.”

“How sweet to be your first. I’ll show you, darling.” Slowly, I knelt in front of her as she quickly pulled her panties down and spread her legs. I looked around but could not see anyone so I lowered my face to her pussy. Her hand gripped the back of my head and pulled me in close until my mouth was resting against her clitoris. “So nice”, she whispered in the dark as her fingers played with my hair and I started my tentative licking. I followed her murmured instructions and the directions of her red painted fingernail to move across her pussy with my tongue while my cock pulsed in pain. This went on for sometime as I battled with my task and the pain in my knees and my cock.

Suddenly, she fiercely pulled my face against her pussy, my lips mashed in her juices and my nose full of her intimate aroma as she came with a throaty cry and an animalistic groan.

With relief, I knelt back and she smiled at me as she wiped her pussy with her panties. “That was nice,” she smiled, adjusting her clothes and slipping her panties into her skirt pocket. Still smiling, she placed a small chain around my neck and attached the first token to it. “You must wear this all the time, darling.”

“With pride,” I said in what I hoped was a humble voice. God, my cock hurt and yet, I was so aroused.

I moved to kiss her but she bent my head and tenderly kissed me on the forehand. “You’ve still got me on your lips, dear,’ she said. “Your whole face must smell of me,” she giggled and I blushed. “I’m going to bed, my darling,” she said and, with a quick kiss on the cheek, she jauntily walked down the path towards the main house. My fingers found the token and I held it. Only two to go. I only have to last two more nights.

I returned from work the next day conscious that I was now in a constant state of arousal, especially after watching the women at the store. My cock pulsed all day long and I dreamed of token number two.

After showering and changing, I hurried to the main house and asked Enrico if he knew where Luisa was. Veronica chose that moment to enter and answered for him. “New York,” she said, a soft smile on her face.

I gulped. “New York? When will she be back?”

“Ah, young love,” she laughed. “The sweet pain of absence. She’ll be gone for three or four days. Luisa is helping her father in one of our art galleries.” Her gaze travelled to my throat where the token hung. “Ah,” she exclaimed, “the first token,” and I blushed furiously as she walked off.

Luisa was gone until Friday and I was in a high state of arousal as I counted the days. Suddenly, she was standing in front of the guest cottage smiling at me when I returned from work. “Luisa!” I called hoarsely.

“Miss me, darling?” she said mischievously as I held her tight, my cock pounding. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress and dark nylons with her hair coiled around her head. Gold dangled from her ears and lay around her throat.

“Terribly,” I said. “You look beautiful.”

She twirled to show me the dress and my cock surged again. “I got this in New York for the dinner tonight. Mother told you?” I shook my head. “I suppose she’s been busy,” she pouted. “There’s this stuffy old boring dinner tonight. I bought a suit for you in New York and I put it in the cottage. Hurry and get dressed.”

I didn’t argue and jumped in the shower and was startled to see Luisa seated on the bed when I emerged. Blushing, I held the towel in front of me. “Darling,” she pouted. “You seen quite a bit of me. Can’t I see it?” Blushing, I dropped the towel and she stared keenly at the chastity tube. “Does it hurt?”

“Yes,” I said softly. “When I try to get, you know,” I finished lamely.

“Hard?” she finished sweetly and I nodded dumbly. “And you’re doing this for me,” she smiled. “So sweet. Hurry darling and get dressed.”

We sat in the back of the car while Enrico drove us into town. Luisa chatted aimlessly about New York while I flinched every time she crossed her legs and exposed her sheer black nylon covered thighs. She snuggled up to me and I hungrily kissed her until she pushed me away. “You’ll mess my lipstick, darling. Just hold me.” She snuggled into me and my heart pounded. “Does it hurt now?” she whispered and I nodded. “Poor darling, you get aroused from just cuddling me? That’s so sweet.”

“Luisa,” I said hoarsely as her perfume washed over me. “I don’t think I can stand this,” I admitted as the car pulled up at the restaurant.

“But you must, darling,” she smiled as she opened the door. “You can’t change your mind.”

The dinner was boring, a group of donors to one of the family’s museums but as Veronica and Luisa were beautiful and charming, the night was a success. All night, Luisa stroked my arm and my leg, driving me deeper and deeper in to a lost state of high arousal.

Veronica had driven to the restaurant in Luisa’s sports car so she went back with Enrico and Luisa drove us to a hill over looking the bay and switched the engine off. The top was down and it was a beautiful night.

Luisa leaned back in the seat and smiled at me. “Would you like to see what else I bought in New York?” I nodded and she slid her legs apart, pulling her dress up around her waist. I stared at the black lace suspender belt and garters attached to her sheer black stockings, framing tiny black lace panties. “What do you think?” she asked mischievously.

“Beautiful,” I said hoarsely, my body trembling from the constant state of arousal.

“Are you sure?” she said slyly, lightly touching the top of her panties. “These panties are so tiny and almost transparent but so expensive.”

“Beautiful,” I repeated my whole body throbbing. “Luisa,” I said moving close. “Let me pleasure you,” I asked my poor mind focused on gaining that second token.

She covered those exquisite panties with her dress. “You’re just interested in that old token. You’re not interested in me,” she pouted.

“But I am,” I protested wildly. “It’s you. I love you,” I added.

“Do you?” she stared into my eyes. “Do you? Truly love me?”

“I love you,” I declared and she kissed me passionately, my cock now a constant throb in its’ metal tube.

“And I love you,” she whispered, holding me tight. After a moment, she softly said, “Get out of the car, darling.” I pulled away from her and stepped out of the car on my side while she opened her car door. Quickly, I stood in front of her as she turned in her seat so her high heels were placed on the ground. “Take your trousers off, dear,’ she said calmly. “We don’t want your new suit ruined.”

I looked around quickly to see if anyone was there but, at this time, I was too far-gone to care and I realised I would do anything for her. My trousers came off and my shorts as well when she pointed at them and I was soon naked from the waist down in front of her as she calmly pulled her dress up again.

In a second I was on my knees on the ground staring at those exquisite panty covered pussy. I extended a trembling hand to remove her panties when she pushed it away. “Leave the panties on tonight. Lick me through them, darling.” After about fifteen minutes with my face in her panties, rubbing my nose against the lace covered pussy, a shaft of light fell on me and I stiffened in shock. Her hand held my head in place. “Just a car, darling,” she murmured. “Keep going.” The light remained on me for a few moments longer and I imagined the sight. A half-naked man on his knees kissing the crotch of a young woman lying back in the front seat of a sports car. I was tremendously humiliated at the thought of someone else seeing me in this embarrassing position but I had no choice but to continue as I would do anything to gain relief.

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Finally, she moved the panties to one side to give me access to her melting pussy and I licked, sucked and kissed with abandon, driving her to an orgasm. With her throaty growl, she came and clasped me to her until she finally released me. Smiling, she rummaged through her handbag while I stared at the wet panties stretched over her pussy so wantonly exposed to me as I knelt before her. The second token was attached to the chain around my neck and she patted my head. “Thank you darling.”

“Luisa,” I said urgently. “Let me pleasure you again. Please.”

“What?” she laughed. “Two in one night? Darling, I couldn’t stand it. I have this delicious feeling now and I’m perfectly satisfied with that.” Groaning in defeat, I stood in front of her and she studied my cock in its chastity tube carefully. “Darling,” she said. “It’s all red. Is it meant to be that red? Is it terribly sore? Poor darling, let’s go home and I’ll get Enrico to make some chamomile tea”.

It was Saturday and Enrico drove us to the library so we could continue our special afternoons. I was so horny and I was willing to do anything to provide relief. Luisa was the absolute centre of my attention and I basically waited on her hand and foot; opening doors, pulling chairs out for, carrying books and parcels, you name it and I did it. When she complained of a stiff neck, I leapt to my feet and started massaging it. She gave no indication she though my behaviour was anything but normal, in fact, she appeared to expect it.

I was massaging her neck while she read when I bent over and whispered in her ear. “Let’s go somewhere, Luisa,” I begged. “Let me pleasure you.”

She gigled. “Billy, darling, you are sweet but I’m reading right now.”

“I’m sorry,” I said quickly. I didn’t want her to get mad at me.

She put the book down, patted the seat next to her and I sat. “I should tell you that I don’t like you saying `pleasure me’. It sounds so old fashioned.”

“I’m sorry, Luisa. I didn’t know,” I apologised quickly. “I won’t say it again.”

Her brown eyes bored into me. “But what will you say, darling?”

I gulped. “Anything you want. What do you want me to say?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Anything but that.”

“Let me kiss you?” I asked hopefully but she wrinkled her nose. “Let me give you head?” I `d heard the term but wasn’t sure what it meant.

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“Definitely not! How disgusting.”

“I’m sorry,” I said urgently and she laughed.

“You’re always apologising. That’s nice of you, dear.”

“How about,” I said slowly, “please let me lick you.”

“Better,” she nodded. “It sounds raunchy.” I felt relieved and then she looked at me again. “Please lick what?”

“Your pussy?’ I asked, blushing. “Your panties?”

“Whatever,” she laughed. “But that’s a lot better.” She patted my arm. “But no licking for a while, darling. It would be a little messy. My period started this morning.” My heart dropped and it must have shown on my face as she stifled a little laugh. “Poor dear. It’s only a week. There’s always next Saturday. Now,” she said firmly, picking up the book, “my neck is still stiff.”

I survived the week in an erotic haze with my senses permanently heightened and completely focussed on Luisa. For a week, I was the perfect doting companion, anticipating her every desire and fulfilling it. Veronica commented that I was becoming a more acceptable boyfriend for Luisa and I foolishly revelled in her praise. My poor constrained cock constantly throbbed.

At night, I dreamt of licking her and gaining that coveted third token. I knew I would be grateful to feel those gorgeous red lips on my denied cock.

Saturday morning came and I was washing Luisa’s car, dressed in T-shirt and cut-offs, when she came up behind me and slapped me on the butt. “One day,” she growled sexily, “you’ll wash my car buck naked.” I blushed but was driven by my constant arousal. “Do you want me to be naked now?” I said eager to please.

She laughed. “My mother might be shocked but lose the T-shirt.” Quickly I threw my T-shirt into the car and returned to washing it bare-chested. I suddenly realised that relief was my only ambition. “When you’re finished, go into town and pick up my dry-cleaning,” she said as she skipped up the stairs to have breakfast with her mother.

Luisa vanished for the rest of the day and I pined for her. Finally, in the early afternoon she came up behind me. “Boo,” she said and I jumped around. Luisa burst into laughter and I marvelled at how pretty she was. She was dressed in a short white skirt, a pale blue top and strappy high heels with bare legs. “We’re going out,” she said. “Get showered and wear jeans and T-shirt.No underwear. Hurry.”

I jumped to her command, had the shortest shower in history, dressed in jeans and the white t-shirt and ran to the car where she was listening to the radio. “Ready,” I announced, jumping in and we roared down the winding road to town.

She was whistling to herself along with a tune on the radio and I respectfully waited until there was an opportunity to speak. My eyes were constantly drawn to her long bare legs as she pumped the pedals and I vainly tried to see up her skirt but the angle wasn’t right. Luisa caught me staring at her legs and laughed.

We stopped in front of a movie house and Luisa smiled at me. “I feel like a movie,” she said.

“Sure,” I said quickly. “Which one?”

She pointed at a poster that showed the latest blonde sex god displaying his bare hairless chest. “That one.”

Luisa gave me money and I ran off to buy the tickets. Luisa was talking to some women when I returned and I was introduced to Carol and Kay, some old school-friends of Luisa’s. We sat in our seats just as the lights went down and I noticed the theatre was half-empty with only Carol and Kay at the far end of our row.

We held hands and cuddled with my cock now throbbing constantly as the movie started and soon Luisa was engrossed in watching the handsome man on the screen. “Hmm,” she whispered to me, “he’s so sexy.”

“You’re sexy,” I said quickly and she laughed softly.

“I know I am to you, silly. But not to him.” Luisa turned her lips to my ear, her hot breath on my neck as she whispered huskily. “He makes me so sexy. Say it, darling,” she urged and I flushed when I realised what she meant but I had no control.

“Please can I lick your panties?” I whispered back.

“No,” she breathed in my ear. “I’m not wearing any.”

My cock was burning in pain. “Please let me lick your pussy,” I groaned.

“Of course, darling,” she purred.

“Let’s go somewhere.”

She shook her head. “No, darling. Don’t be silly. I want to watch the movie while you do it.”

I was horrified and my face burned crimson at the thought of it. “But your friends, they’ll see!”

“They won’t care. They’ll think it’s funny.”

“Please no, Luisa,” I begged.

“Darling,” she said firmly. “I feel like it now.”

Accepting my fate, I crept to my knees and moved in front of her. As I knelt before her on the floor of the cinema, she opened her legs and I gazed up as her half-lidded eyes watched the screen while her hand guided my mouth to her waiting pussy.

She was wet and I thought the licking sounds carried through the theatre. I heard dialogue from the movie, car chases and kisses and sighs on the screen while I devoted myself to my task. At last, after what seemed a humiliating eternity, she grunted and groaned, crushing my head with her thighs while she rode my mouth to her orgasm.

Luisa released my head and I rocked back on me heels to see Carol and Kay watching me with hands over their mouths. Sheepishly, I started to get up when Luisa’s hand stopped me. “My feet ate sore, darling,” she whispered and I started massaging her bare feet, staring up at her bare pussy while she watched the remainder of the movie. I was so humiliated.

Raving on about the movie, she led me to the car and waved gaily to Carol and Kay as we drove away. “Poor darling,” she said. “You didn’t get to see much of the movie, did you. Anyway,” she said, dropping the token in my lap, “you’ve got this.”

I was so happy. “Thank you. Thank you,” I gushed. “When?”

A big smile formed on her face. “At 6:00pm tomorrow at the guest cottage. Don’t be late.”

I fingered the chain with the three tokens and felt so exhilarated I didn’t sleep well that night. Tossing and turning, I dreamt of the coming evening and the relief that was at hand.

At 6pm, Luisa walked into the guest cottage and I hurriedly embraced her. Laughing, she pushed me away. “Down boy,” she giggled. “We have to follow the traditions.”

“More traditions?”

“Afraid so, dear.” She was smartly dressed in dark grey business suit with a pale blouse and grey nylons. A leather briefcase completed the businesswoman look. “Now, why don’t you get undressed?” I didn’t have to be told twice and quickly stripped naked. Luisa glanced down at my chastity tube and produced a length of chain from her briefcase, locking one end to my bed. “Now,” she said, offering the other end of the chain to me, “lock this around your neck.”

I was shocked. “What!”

“You have to lock this around your neck,” she said patiently. “If you don’t, I can’t get the key for that,” she said, pointing at the chastity tube.

“But why?” I protested.

“Tradition. Of course, it’s your decision, darling.” Muttering under my breath, I locked the collar around my neck with a loud click. “Wonderful,” she said, kissing me lightly on the forehead. “I’ll go and get the key. Don’t go anywhere,” she added, laughing as she left.

I sat on the edge of my bed for twenty minutes with my heart thumping and my body trembling with desire, waiting for her return. Finally, she walked back in, dropping her coat on the armchair and dressed in the blouse and skirt, she handed me a small key. “Here you are, darling,” she smiled. “Time to unlock.”

My trembling fingers struggled with the device until I finally slid the tube from my body and, immediately, my poor deprived cock sprang to full attention. Luisa giggled. “That was quick,” and I blushed as my cock pulsed in my groin. To achieve full erection again was a blessed relief and an exquisite joy.

“Now,” instructed Luisa, “you must give me the tokens and ask for relief.” Trembling, I removed the three tokens that had taken so long to attain and placed them in her outstretched palm. “Please give me relief,” I gasped.

“No, no,” she scolded. “You weren’t listening. Ask for relief.”

“Please Luisa,” I said desperately. “Can I have relief?”

“Better,” she said and gently kissed me. “Do you love me?” she breathed.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned. “I do. I want to marry you,” I croaked, realising this woman was now the centre of my life.

“That’s sweet,” she soothed. “All right, darling, you can have relief,” she said softly and moved away.

I looked at her as she leaned against the wall, arms folded. “What happens now?” I asked, bewildered.

Luisa smiled . “You relieve yourself, darling.” Her eyes twinkled as she watched my stunned reaction.

“You mean…?” I paused, now totally confused.

“Masturbate or, whatever you call it. You know how, darling, all boys do.”

The reality hit me as my cock bobbed madly. “But, Luisa,” I wailed. “I wanted this to be special, a special moment for you and me.”

“But it will be, darling,” Luisa said calmly. “Unless you’ve done it in front of a woman before?” She raised a questioning eyebrow.

“No, no,” I stuttered. “Of course not.”

“So this will be special after all. You’ll play with yourself and I’ll watch.”

“But, Luisa,” I whined.

“It has to be like this, Billy. Or not at all.”

A moment passed while my cock waved in the breeze. “All right,” I said softly, my face red.

“What, darling,” she said innocently. “I couldn’t hear.”

“I’ll play with myself,” I said louder and she smiled at my surrender.

Slowly, I closed my palm around my cock and involuntarily groaned with pleasure at the touch. Giving myself to the sensations, I started to slowly stroke my cock in that familiar motion. “Look at me, darling,” Luisa said and I opened my eyes. She was watching me intently, a broad smile on her face as my hand moved faster and faster. Carried forward on the wave of my desire to come, I no longer cared and was totally fixated on reaching that long awaited explosion.

She moved closer and her breasts, rising and falling in the pale blouse filled my vision. I moaned and shuddered as I spurted and my stickiness ran down my hand as a wave of humiliation swept over me. Naked and chained to my bed, I had just masturbated in front of a fully clothed woman. Her fingers roamed through my hair. “Was that nice, darling?” I nodded slowly, keeping my face down and I felt her move away for a moment.

Luisa returned with a towel with a damp wash cloth. “Clean up, darling.” Face burning, I wiped my hands and my body clean. “Did you mean it about marrying me?” she asked softly.

“Yes,” I croaked, finally lifting my face. “Will you?”

“I’m afraid it’s traditional for you to ask my mother for permission to ask me, dear. Do you want to do that?” I nodded. “I love you,” she said softly, picking up the chastity device and handing it to me. “Put this back on, dear.” Slowly, I locked the device back on and, after a little hesitation, gave the key to her. Smiling, she left me alone to hide the key and returned ten minutes later. “Here,” she said, handing me a key for the collar and chain. “Keep that here, darling for the next time.” She cupped my face with her hands and stared down at me. “I have to go away on business for two weeks. I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you,” I cried, realising it was going to take an even longer to reach the three tokens again. She kissed me deeply. My heart dropped as I watched her walk away and I wondered how long this period of denial would last.

Tokens of Love 2: A Traditional Engagement

I wandered in a daze for the next few days, keeping entirely to myself except for work. On Tuesday I showed up at Donalds and was immediately fired for my continual lateness. I didn’t understand it, I had never been late but what was the point of arguing? You can’t buck the system.

That night, I plucked up the courage to find Veronica to ask her permission to marry her daughter. “Mrs Ciccosa,” I stammered as I approached her in the reading room.

She silently stared at me, inspecting the chain around my throat and I blushed a little, knowing she would notice the lack of tokens. She crossed her legs and I felt my poor cock flex in the chastity device. “Mrs Ciccosa,” I repeated. “I request your permission to marry Luisa,” I said formally.

“Billy, the tradition is you ask my permission to ask her. It is Luisa’s decision.”

“Do I have your permission?”

“Sit down, Billy. The truth is your prospects aren’t that great.”

“My prospects?” I asked faintly as I sat.

“I understand you’ve lost your job,” she smiled and I was shocked she knew. Of course, the family owned Donalds! “Not a suitable prospect for my Luisa. Given you have the physical characteristics required but that is outweighed by your complete lack of prospects.”

“I love your daughter, Mrs. Ciccosa.”

Veronica studied me for a long moment. “I really think you do. You’ve willingly given yourself to the family traditions to be with her, ” she observed and I flushed. “I’ll employ you here as a general help around the house. When Luisa comes back, I will have made my decision. Acceptable?”

I was elated. At least I had a chance. “Yes Mrs Ciccosa,” I said as I leapt to my feet.

“Good. Mr Ciccosa is arriving tomorrow and you will start your work in the morning.”

My first job washing the windows and from there I saw Enrico drive up with a man I assumed was Caruso Ciccosa. He was tall and incredibly good looking with olive skin and steel grey hair. Veronica introduced me to him and I noticed he had four tokens on the chain around his throat. It was then that I recalled Dr Rombossi’s comments about three tokens before marriage and five after.

Luisa’s parents had dinner together and I was alone clearing the dishes when I heard muffled noises from upstairs. The house was in darkness and I crept along the corridor towards a pool of light. Warily, I peered around the corner and caught my breath in shock. The door to Veronica’s bedroom was open and I saw her seated on a large chair, her skirt pulled up, while a naked man knelt between her legs, her fingers idly playing with his grey hair as he performed the task I now knew so well.

This erotic sight went straight to my confined cock and Veronica lifted her eyes to meet mine. Although I was in darkness, I’m sure she realised I was there for she smiled down the corridor and pulled her husband’s head closer to her. Silently, I crept away with my cock throbbing.

The next night, I followed the same ritual, creeping down the hall to the sounds of a man’s muffled pleadings. His time the sight was even more erotic. Caruso was bound spreadeagled and naked on the bed with his eyes blindfolded. Veronica was fully dressed and perched on the bed sipping a glass of wine while idly stroking her husband’s rigid cock. He thrust to meet her hand while moaning.

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Suddenly, Veronica stood and looked down the corridor again while Caruso begged her to continue. She smiled over the rim of her glass as she stared down the dark hall and I imagined she could see me while her husband’s begging became more desperate. The smile was still on her face when she shut the door. I realised that Veronica was showing me the images of what marriage would be like. Suddenly, I recalled the first night in the garden and I realised Veronica had probably watched me earn my first token. I also recalled the flash of car lights held on me the second time in the sports car. Luisa had displayed me to her mother twice and then her friends and I blushed at the humiliating memory

The following day, Veronica and her husband left the compound and I didn’t see her for the rest of the week. When she returned, she was alone and summoned me to her office next to her bedroom. I snuck a glance at the large bed and the image of her begging husband flickered behind my eyes.

“Billy,” she said immediately I entered. “Luisa will be returning tomorrow and I give you my permission to ask her.”

I was elated both for her permission and the news Luisa was returning early.

“Thank you, Mrs Ciccosa.”

“You understand what marriage will be like?” I blushed and nodded. “Good. When you ask her, she will then ask you these questions.” She handed me a note. “The correct answers are under each question. If you can’t answer truthfully with those statements, forget it. The marriage is not meant to be.”

I took the note and returned to the guesthouse. That night I slept fitfully, my mind swirling with erotic images as my constant state of arousal heightened. I knew that at any time I could walk to the nearest locksmith and have the chastity device removed but Luisa was holding me with more than that as I was totally entranced by her.

Luisa kissed me gently when she returned and we walked hand in hand to the garden after dinner. I waited for her to sit and knelt in front of her.

“Luisa, I love you. Please marry me.”

She smiled down at me in the darkness. “Will you honour and obey me?”

“With all my heart.”

“Will you obey me always and in all ways?”

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“Always and in all ways.”

“Then I will marry you, darling.” We embraced and kissed passionately as my cock squirmed. Luisa stood, took my hand and we walked to the guesthouse.

“Take your clothes off, darling,” she said, leaving the door open as if to test my willingness to obey. Immediately, I removed all my clothes and stood before my wife to be naked except for the constricting chastity tube.

She smiled lovingly at me and sat back on the bed, legs sliding apart under her skirt. I knew my place and knelt before her. “Please, may I lick your pussy?’ I asked tremulously.

Luisa raised her skirt and pulled her rouge transparent panties to one side so I could stare openly at her hairy mound. “Do you want to?” she whispered looking down at me.

“Yes, please,” I said hoarsely.

“Do you find my pussy beautiful, darling?” she asked as one dark red fingernail idly stroked her plump pussy lips.

“Yes, yes,” I gasped as my cock throbbed in vainly in the metal tube.

“Then, why not say so?”

“Please, Luisa, can I lick your beautiful pussy?” I pleaded, totally at her whim.

Luisa smiled and pulled my face to her pussy and I submerged in her intimate perfume and taste. It took a while but she finally came, shaking visibly and clamping my head between her lovely thighs. I had no idea if anyone had watched through the open door and I didn’t care. All I cared about was the token my beloved attached to my necklace. Just two to go.

“You realise it will be five once we are married, dear?” I nodded as I adjusted her panties and pulled her skirt down. “Such a good boy,” she said and tenderly patted my cheek.

Luisa informed her mother that she had accepted me and they immediately through themselves into planning the wedding. My opinions were neither sought nor offered. Instead, I worked around the estate doing the tasks that were listed everyday on a notice board in the kitchen.

Virtually ignored for two days and very horny, I threw myself into my chores wishing for relief as my cock squirmed. I was surprised to see on the list of chores the instruction to go to Luisa’s room. I bounded up the stairs and tentatively knocked on the door, waiting until she called for me to enter.

She was still in bed, propped up against pillows with her magnificent hair spilling against the white linen as she read a newspaper, absently nibbling on a piece of toast. “Naked, darling,” she commanded without even looking at me and I immediately complied. “Run a bath for me,” she said and I moved quickly into her adjoining bathroom and started filling the huge bath.

When I returned, she was naked against the pillows and I ogled at her large breasts and the dark hair of her pussy. The phone rang and she answered, spreading her legs and motioning me to her pussy with a pointed finger.

As she chatted on the phone to a girl friend, I gently kissed, licked and sucked at her juicy pussy while the bath filled. Unfortunately, she showed no signs of reaching orgasm and, after a while, she indicated that I should stop to tend to the bath. Reluctantly, I pulled away from her pussy and returned to the bathroom to adjust the faucets.

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Luisa walked in, the phone call completed and bent over to test the water. My eyes were drawn to her round ass as she bent over and my cock throbbed in its metal prison. She saw me staring at giggled. “Darling, you like my bottom?” I nodded and she turned the water off, her round bottom wobbling as she did so. She smiled at me and bent over with her legs apart and her hands resting on the bath. “Would you like to kiss it?” she asked sweetly and I flushed in embarrassment.

“Yes,” I croaked, cock pounding. “Please can I kiss your bottom?” She nodded imperiously and I kissed her round cheeks. She shifted her legs further apart and I could plainly see her pouting hole and her pussy. “And now?” she teased. “What would you like to do now?”

I stared at her pouting rear hole and knew what she wanted. “Please,” I asked my voice cracking and my face crimson. “Can I lick your bottom?”

“Not my bottom, dear. My asshole,” she said and I was shocked to hear her say it.

“Can I please lick your asshole,” I begged and she smiled at me over her shoulder, nodding. I sank to my knees and tentatively began to lick her hole, the acrid taste biting my tongue.

“Hmm,” she murmured, wiggling her bottom so my face nose was caught between her cheeks as my tongue probed. “Ohh,” she giggled, “that tickles but it’s nice. Hmm,” she moaned softly and I realised she was getting aroused by my tongue in her ass.

Suddenly she pulled away, sat on the bath and pulled my face to her pussy. She was soaking wet and my tongue did its dance to lead her to a quick orgasm. Luisa kissed me on the forehead while her fingers lightly held my cock encased in its steel. “That was different, darling but nice. Different things will help you get more tokens and get this off for a while.”

After her bath she attached the second token and dispatched me to wash the cars while she worked on the invitation list for the wedding. Later in the day I was clipping the hedges near the pool while Luisa lay on one of the lounges in her white bikini and sunglasses. I couldn’t help but sneak glances at her body as I worked.

Veronica walked out and gave her the portable telephone. “It’s Andrew, Luisa” she said and Luisa took the phone. Who was Andrew I wondered as she laughed and giggled into the telephone while I worked on the hedges.

I was deep into the maze area when Luisa appeared. “Darling,” she said, pulling my cut-offs down and I nervously looked around to make sure the hedges hid us. “Down,” she ordered and I lay down on the lawn. Luisa sat on my face in the classic sixty-nine position, her bikini pants smothering me as she moved around. “Andrew always makes me hot,’ she said, pulling the crotch of her pants aside so her pussy covered my mouth. “Lick, damn it,” she moaned. “I love looking at your poor cock, the cock you’ve given me,” she moaned. “All red, locked away. Lick me!”

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My tongue worked frantically as I was gasping for breath; buried deep in her juices and suddenly she moaned and squeezed my head with her thighs. Unsteadily, she rose and adjusted her pants and walked away without a backward glance. I pulled my shorts up and slowly walked back to the guesthouse for a shower, my mind reeling with the reaction this Andrew had generated in her. On the bed was the third token and note telling me to be prepared at 6pm.

I showered and chained myself to the bed naked. Luisa walked in twenty minutes late and smiled when she saw me all ready chained. “Quick learner,” she smiled, taking the key to chains from my hand and placing it away from me. She left and ten minutes later returned with the chastity tube key, which she tossed to me. I fumbled with the key and removed the tube, causing my cock to blossom into a full erection.

Offering the three tokens to her, I said, “Can I please have relief?”

“Of course, darling. How would you like to do it?”

“Anyway you want me to,” I said trembling with desire and she smiled.

Suddenly, I heard Veronica’s voice outside the guesthouse. “Luisa.”

“In here, Mother,” she calmly answered and my mouth gaped in shock. “Don’t cover it,” she said warningly as my hands started to move to my crotch. Blushing, I sat naked and chained on the bed with a raging erection.

Veronica walked in and calmly surveyed the scene. “There you are. We must go over the guest list.” Her eyes rested on my groin. “Don’t forget to take him to Roberta’s, darling. That hair is not appealing.”

“I plan to. We’ll go over the list in a moment. Billy is about to get relief. I gave him two tokens today.”

“How nice for you, dear.”

“Billy has tried hard,” Luisa said smiling at me as she sat next to me on the bed while Veronica sat on the other side of me. I felt incredibly humiliated as I sat between these two fully clothed women, naked with my pulsing erection. “Go ahead, darling,” she said in my ear, her perfume flooding my senses, and I gripped my cock with my hand and, face burning, started to pump.

“I’ll have to tell you about some other ways,” Veronica said to Luisa while she was steadily watching me jerk off.

“I can always learn, Mother,” Luisa said. “Look up at us, Billy. Don’t hang your head.” Blushing, I looked into Luisa’s smiling eyes as my hand moved up and down, bringing me closer and closer to coming. “This is so special, darling with Mother here. Thank her for stopping by.”

Face burning, I turned to Veronica. “Thanks for stopping by, Mrs Ciccosa,” I mumbled, breathing heavy as I kept jerking off.

“You’re welcome,” she giggled.

“Come, darling,” Luisa breathed in my ear. “Do it for us.”

I was so humiliated and so aroused after so long a period of chastity. My hand was a blur as I felt the orgasm building in my cock. Sweating and shuddering I came, cum spurting over my hand and onto my stomach.

“They’re always so quick,” Veronica commented as Luisa got a towel from the bathroom.

“Clean up your sticky mess, darling,” she said. I did so and slid the chastity tube back on my cock without being told, locking it.

“Very good,” Luisa said beaming and I felt proud as I gave her the key. “Mother,” she said, handing Veronica the key. “Could you take that back while I tidy up here?” Veronica nodded and left. Luisa unlocked the chains and kissed me. “We will have a wonderful marriage,” she said before returning to the house to work on the wedding preparations.

What a strange situation I’m in. I’m engaged to be married and my girlfriend has never even touched my cock while I service her orally whenever and wherever she wants. My cock is locked in a chastity device and she controls the key.

And yet, I love her deeply.

Tokens of Love 3: A Traditional Wedding

A few days later, I joined Luisa and her mother for breakfast on the terrace so they could explain the wedding arrangements. They were both dressed in business suits, Veronica in a dark grey suit with grey hose while Luisa was in black. They were stunning.

“We need to get you fitted for your suit, darling,” Luisa said, looking at her notes. “We’ll start that today. Of course, your suit will be white.”

“White?” I asked, startled. “Me in white?”

“It’s traditional,” Luisa explained patiently. “And appropriate as you are a virgin, aren’t you?”

I blushed. “Yes,” I mumbled.

“Pardon?” Veronica inquired politely.

“I’m still a virgin,” I said more loudly, my face burning.

“Of course you are, darling,” Luisa said. “I think it’s sweet and so special.” She sipped some orange juice. “I will be in the traditional red.”

“You’ll be a beautiful bride,” Veronica said as I sat stunned. I tried to imagine the wedding with the groom in white and the bride in red. This family had some very strange traditions.

“Finish your breakfast, dear,” Luisa ordered. “We have to visit Roberta.”

Roberta lived in a large warehouse on the outskirts of town. She opened the door as we walked out of the elevator to greet us. Luisa and Roberta kissed and I was introduced. A tall blonde woman in black trousers and black silken top, she presented a severe picture as she shook my hand.

“Congratulations,” she said. “You’re a very lucky man. It’s not often a family of Luisa’s traditions accepts someone from outside.”

Luisa went off with several of Roberta’s assistants to try on the wedding dress. “Follow Roberta’s instructions, darling,” she said as she left. Roberta led me to a smaller room with mirrors on one wall and a a long padded table.

“Clothes off,” she said casually and I was stunned. “Quickly,” she snapped. “I haven’t got all day.” Recalling what Luisa had said, I took all my clothes off and stood naked with my chastity tube in front of this stranger.

“Follow me,” she said and she led me to a tiled shower room. “Stand there with legs apart. This won’t damage your chastity tube,” she said spraying foam onto my crotch, completely covering my balls and pubic area. I was mortified and even more humiliated when she sprayed it into my ass crack as well as my chest and back. “Now,” she ordered. “Don’t move for twenty minutes.”

The twenty minutes felt like an eternity as my body began to burn where the foam covered it. Finally, she returned and ordered me into the shower where the water washed the foam and my body hair down the drain. Roberta inspected my hairless body. “Much better,” she said staring at my now bald balls and handing me a towel.

After I was dry, she measured me all over for the wedding suit she was making and muttered to her self while she did it. I then lay on the table as instructed and was stunned when she handcuffed my hand to it.

I was about to say something when Luisa walked in. “You look better all ready, darling,” she said, calmly producing the key to unlock the chastity device. Roberta took the tube and left the room. Luisa inspected my bald groin. “Much better, darling.”

“But Luisa,” I whined. “It will be very itchy when it grows back.”

“It won’t grow back, darling. It’s permanent. Roberta’s secret formula.”

Shocked, I stared down at my denuded crotch and Luisa patted my leg. “It’s very attractive, darling,” she said reassuringly and my cock started to stir from the touch of my hand. “Oh Billy,” she admonished. “You’re getting hard.”

“I’m sorry,” I said my erect cock obscenely bobbing in my hairless groin. Roberta walked back in and I flushed in embarrassment.

“I thought that would happen,” she said calmly and pushed an ice back against my balls.

“Ow,” I yelped and my cock softened immediately. Roberta threaded it into the chastity tuibe and locked the device on. I saw that `Property of Luisa Ciccosa’ was now engraved on it.

“Now, darling,” Luisa said standing very close to me. “The engraving is one of our traditions and there’s another one I want you to do for me.”

She smiled at me and my heart melted. “What is it?” I asked meekly.

“A tattoo of the family crest, like the one on those tokens you love so much,” she said mischievously, eyes twinkling and I blushed. “Roll over, darling,” she said and I did so Roberta could start work. The tattoo was to be on my ass, on the right cheek to be exact and the needle hummed for quite a while as Roberta completed her work of art.

When it was over, they released me, I gingerly got dressed and followed Luisa to a small room with a sofa and other furniture. Coffee cups sat on the table and Luisa motioned at me to pour. “We waited until they’re ready for my next fitting,” she explained, sipping her coffee. “They had to make some adjustments.” She looked deep in to my eyes. “Does the tattoo hurt?” she asked.

“A little,” I said and she giggled.

“You looked so sexy on that table with your hairless butt getting the tattoo. Very sexy. Show me the tube,” she whispered.

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I looked around the empty room but knew better than to argue and unzipped my pants, revealing the newly engraved chastity tube. My cock throbbed as Luisa looked down at it. Slowly, she slid her black skirt up to reveal the sheer black pantyhose. She wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was visible through the sheer nylon. She smiled at me when I started after I heard voices outside the door. “They won’t come in for another fifteen minutes or so. Stand in front of me, darling,” she said and I did, pants around my ankles.

Luisa stared fixedly at the chastity tube with its engraving while her hand slid into her pantyhose. Startled, I realised she was masturbating while she looked at the chastity device. “All locked up,” she murmured, “now mine.” Her breathing became ragged and in a few moments she quivered in a low orgasm. “That was pleasant,” she smiled as she adjusted her clothing and I dressed as well.

I looked at her expectantly and she giggled. “No token for that, darling. I did all the work.” Roberta entered and they made arrangements to pick the wedding outfits up. The wedding was scheduled for five weeks so everything was moving on time.

Disappointed I didn’t get a token, I followed Luisa to the car and sullenly stared out the window for most of the way. She stopped the car and turned to face me. “Darling, I’m disappointed in your attitude. You can not expect a token for doing nothing. Just for that, I’m not going to use you for three weeks.”

“Luisa,” I cried. “I haven’t got one token and that means it could be six weeks! I couldn’t last!”

“Could be six months,” she said in an icy voice. “It does depend whether I’m in the mood, darling. I can go without for months.”

“Please Luisa, don’t do this,” I begged. “It’s just that I’m so horny.”

“What will it be like when we’re married when you have to get five tokens? I think a long period without will teach you to value me.”

“I’m sorry, Luisa. Please don’t punish me like that.”

“Punishment? Is that what you think?” she said indignantly. “I can’t be expected to be aroused all the time, especially by a boyfriend who has temper tantrums!”

I was panicking. Months without relief would be hell and she knew it. “I’m sorry I upset you. I should be punished for that,” I babbled. “Please choose another way.”

She looked at me carefully. “Is that what you want?” I nodded frantically and she smiled, started the car again. I felt apprehensive as we drove to the compound in silence where she told me to wait for her in the guesthouse.

She appeared twenty minutes later with a carry bag and ordered me to strip naked. Silently, she handcuffed my hands behind my back and gagged me with a strange ball. A bar connected to leather straps was shackled around my knees, pushing my thighs apart.

Luisa stood back and examined me with a twinkle in her eyes. “You look so cute and helpless. Can you speak?” A few muffled sounds escaped from my blocked mouth. “Good. Now,” she said, producing a thin cane from the bag and she giggled as my eyes widened in shock.

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“Five strokes on each thigh is appropriate, darling, for temper tantrums” she said, moving closer. The first stroke cut me across the sensitive upper thigh, inches from my balls and I flinched in agony, screaming into the gag. “Don’t move about,” she warned. “I would hate to hit those nice plump balls of yours.” The ten strokes were pure agony and I moaned into the gag with tears streaming from my eyes.

When she finished, she calmly undid the spreader bar while I stared down at the thin red welts across the top of my legs, sobbing and gasping for breath as she pulled the gag away. “There,” she soothed, “it’s over. A lesson well learnt.” Luisa sat down on the bed and slid her skirt up. “Now that’s over, darling, I’ll give you the opportunity to earn a token.” She spread her legs and I stared at her pussy flattened behind the nylon mesh of her pantyhose. My hands were still handcuffed so I gingerly knelt and started kissing her through the pantyhose while her fingers tousled my hair. “We must have your hair fixed before the wedding,” she said absently as I licked and kissed through the nylon.

Finally, she gently pushed me away. “Sorry, darling, I just can’t get in the mood. We’ll try again soon.” Luisa undid my hands and, without a backward glance, left me to they pain of my whipped thighs and my newly acquired tattoo.

Somehow the balance of power in our relationship had tipped even more dramatically to her, leaving me with none as my poor cock squirmed in its unforgiving prison.

Luisa ignored me for the rest of the week as I limped my way around the estate completing my chores. I had yet to earn a token and my cock was throbbing in the chastity tube as we moved closer to the wedding date.

She was obviously busy with wedding plans, waving gaily to me as she drove off, leaving me to my tasks. At night, I ate alone in the kitchen.

On Saturday, Luisa took me to a hairdresser and, on her instructions, my hair was cut very short and tinted blonde. I knew better than to argue. We enjoyed coffee afterwards and chatted like two young lovers except there was always the underlying feeling that we both knew she was in charge and I would do anything she wanted.

That night I begged to lick her but she smiling told me her period had come and my tongue was to have a rest. We cuddled as my cock squirmed in the chastity tube.

The weeks dragged by as I became even more horny with no end in sight. After her period finished, Luisa let me lick her pussy after I frantically begged but, after twenty minutes with no success, she pushed me away, claiming she still wasn’t in the mood. The thought occurred to me that she was punishing me, demonstrating her power over me as I still needed to achieve three tokens to come. After our wedding, it was five tokens and I was frantic to achieve orgasm before that tradition came into being.

We returned to Roberta’s to pick up the wedding clothes and I was devoted to Luisa as my cock pulsed helplessly in the tube. I would do anything for her and she knew it.

She insisted I get naked as Robert brought my outfit out and I was shocked when she showed it to me. The white pants were like ballet tights with a hole on the ass to display the tattoo and the outline of my cock in its tube was clearly visible in the tight white crotch. My face was crimson with embarrassment as I slipped the sleeveless white top and white sandals on.

“Luisa,” I began but her cold stare cut me short.

“You’re not going to complain, are you darling?” she said.

“No,” I said quickly.

“Good,” she said, moving in front of me and cupping my balls in her hand. “I want your tight package on display and I want my friends to see how I have you under control. You want that too, don’t you darling?” she said sweetly and my cock yearned for release.

“Yes,” I mumbled, my face burning as Roberta looked on in amusement.

“Good,” she said, releasing my balls and turning to Roberta. “What do you think?”

“Looks great. He’s got a terrific body.”

“Yes he has. I’m getting a little horny.” She turned back to me. “Like to earn a token, darling?’

“Please,” I mumbled, flushing still while Roberta smiled.

“Use my office,” Roberta said. “Give me the clothes back and I’ll take them in to make it tighter around the crotch.”

Naked, I followed Luisa to Roberta’s office where she laid back on the couch, legs spread. I gasped when I saw she wasn’t wearing panties when she teasingly raised her skirt and knelt before her, my tongue licking her pussy lips.

“Your licking is nice, darling,” she said, smiled down at me. “But I want a little more.” Surprised, I took the vibrator she handed me and, puzzled, examined it. “Let me show you,’ she said huskily and I followed her instructions licking her pussy and then sliding the buzzing vibrator in and out as her juices ran down her leg. My tongue worked tirelessly as I followed her orders with the vibrator as she moaned on the couch. My cock squirmed in the chastity tube as I used the fake cock on her and realised that my position in her life was constantly changing.

Finally, her groaned and came as my face was pulled against her wet pussy. A few moments later she smiled as she adjusted her clothing. “Nice, darling. Lick the cock clean,’ she said calmly, ” so I can put in back in my bag.” Face flushing, I did so while she watched me and then, after putting the vibrator back in her bag, she placed a token on my neck chain.

I followed her back to the work area to pick my clothes up under Roberta’s knowing gaze. Humiliated, I drove home with Luisa as the days rolled closer to the wedding.

The days and nights dragged on with only fleeting moments with Luisa as I wrestled with my increasing desire and my continued denial. A week from the wedding, Luisa took me to a stone chapel overlooking the town for the all-important wedding rehearsal.

Veronica met us at the glass doors. “Hurry up you two, you’re late.”

“Sorry mother,” Luisa sang gaily.

“But what do I say?” I asked as we pushed through the doors. “I don’t know what you’ve arranged,” I said plaintively.

“You just say `I do’, darling,” she said with a smile. “Now, let me introduce you to the bridesmaids.” I turned and was immediately embarrassed when I saw the two bridesmaids were Carol and Kay.

They giggled at me and I flushed, remembering what they had seen at the movies. Luisa smiled at them and guided me towards a tall darkly handsome man who was talking to Roberta. “This is Andrew,” Luisa said. “The best man.”

Andrew smiled, showing perfect white teeth against his dark skin. “Congratulations,” he said. “You’re a lucky man,” Andrew said, grasping Luisa around the waist. “I’d marry her myself but I couldn’t last more than a day in that thing.” His eyes travelled to the crotch of my jeans and I blushed. “I’m too virile,” he laughed. “Much to horny.” And Luisa laughed with him while Veronica smiled fondly at him..

“Come on,” Luisa said. “Time for the rehearsal.

I was shocked to find that Roberta was conducting the ceremony and she told me in a perfunctory manner to kneel next to Luisa in front of the altar and to answer simply. I did so and was surprised when Luisa stood next to me and did not kneel like I was. Thinking I had misheard Roberta, I got to my feet.

“No, darling,” Luisa said frowning at me. “You kneel and I stand.”

I was humiliated as the bridesmaids giggled and Andrew smiled down at me. Carol and Kay stood behind me while the best man stood behind Luisa. Very strange, I thought, wishing it was over. I was also shocked to find I was giving up my surname and I would become Billy Ciccosa.

Luisa was humming to herself as we drove back. “Do we have to do the ceremony that way?” I whined.

“It’s traditional, dear.”

“But it’s embarrassing.”

She flicked her icy eyes over me. “You’re not complaining, are you darling?” she asked coldly. “Not another temper tantrum?”

“No, no,” I said quickly.

“As I said, it’s traditional, ” she said firmly. “And I’m a very traditional girl.”

And that was that.

My cock was throbbing with desire on the day before the wedding. I was so aroused I was constantly on the edge but with no relief in sight. I had one token and Luisa had resisted all ways to award me further tokens prior to the wedding.

“But I’ll need five tokens after the wedding,” I whined to her after she had told me once again she wasn’t in the mood.

“No, darling,” she smiled. “You’ll only need four. Have you forgotten you’ve got one around your neck?”

“Four!” It might as well be a thousand.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she said with a glorious wink. “I’m sure you’ll be able to get those on our wedding night.”

“Oh,” I said mollified. “Are you sure?”

She took my arm to walk me to dinner. “Very sure. It will be very special.” Veronica, dressed superbly in dark-green suit, whirled into the guesthouse on the morning of the wedding day without knocking and waited until I dressed in the embarrassing outfit. The white pants were so tight, the outline of the chastity tube on my cock was plainly visible and my tattoo could be seen through the opening on my ass. What’s more, the sleeveless white top I was to wear was almost transparent so my hairless body could be seen through it. The blonde man in the reflection in the mirror showed a person I did not recognise and I suddenly realised my identity had been reshaped by Luisa. However, I was so aroused I would do anything to come as my cock throbbed constantly in that unforgiving tube.

Luisa was stunning in a flared red dress and matching hat. Striking, compelling and beautiful, she led the way down the aisle where I dutifully knelt beside her for the ceremony. The chapel was packed with Luisa’s friends with Veronica and Caruso seated proudly in the front row.

Andrew stood next to Luisa while Carol and Kay flanked me, dresses in matching black suits. They smiled down at me as I knelt in front of the altar and Roberta commenced the ceremony. My only part was to say `I do’ when asked and then Roberta told me to kiss the bride.

This was the part I especially hated. Flushing with shame, I bent my head and kissed her shoes and the chapel erupted in applause and cheers. The crowd milled around congratulating Luisa who had a huge smile on her beautiful face. I noticed that most of the people congratulating her were women while their male partners respectfully hung back.

Many women inspected me up and down and I flushed in embarrassment but, thankfully, we were soon moving in for the lunch. I sat between Carol and Kay while Luisa sat with Andrew and her parents.

Luisa gave a wonderful speech about commitment and honouring our partners and I flushed with pride. At the end of the lunch, Luisa told me I must thank Carol and Kay for being bridesmaids and I asked how long the speech should be as my cock throbbed.

“No, dear,” Luisa said, eyes sparkling. “You ask them if they would like to be thanked. Meanwhile, I’ll thank Andrew.”

I asked Carol and Kay and they led me to a small room where they casually lifted their skirts and I was suddenly staring at two shaven pussies. Shocked, I stuttered something meaningless and Carol glared at me. “Luisa told you to thank us,” she said. “This is how you do it. Now, get on with it!”

Cock pulsing in the chastity tube, I knelt before them and began to lick the bald pussies while they kissed each other. Jealously flood over me as I wondered how Luisa was thanking Andrew! The bridesmaids came together and I rose with my face slick with their juices.

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Kay smiled at me. “Luisa said you were good. She was right,” she said and I felt a foolish pride as I returned to the reception. Luisa joined me shortly after and I looked around for Andrew but couldn’t see him. “Come, darling,” she said. “Time for us to leave for our special night.” My cock throbbed even harder. Luisa drove us to a small hotel and we took over the honeymoon suite. I drew some astonished looks as I followed a regal Luisa through the lobby but I was so driven by desire I would do anything for her.

Wedding gifts were piled on a table in one corner of the suite and Luisa ordered me to strip. As I stepped out of that embarrassing outfit there was a tap at the door. “That will be the champagne,” Luisa said. “Get it, darling.” Horrified, my mouth gaped and she fixed me with that cold stare.

“Is there a problem, darling?”

“Luisa, I’m naked!”

“You have your chastity tube on. Answer it.” The maid bearing the champagne was startled for a moment and then appraisingly looked me up and down as she passed, her eyes lingering on the chastity tube encircling my deprived cock.

Luisa signed for the champagne and the maid gave me a little smile as she passed. Face burning, I closed the door behind her and turned to find Luisa laying on the bed, legs apart and skirt raised. My eyes fixed on her magnificent pussy. “We need four tokens, don’t we darling?” she asked sweetly and I fell to my knees, immersing my face in her fragrant pussy.

It took a while but she finally came and she smiled down at me as I stared up at her, my jaw aching and my face wet. “Three to go,” she smiled. “Get me some champagne, darling,” she instructed, moving to the bathroom. When she returned, she was wearing a slinky white slip with a lace trim and my cock squirmed even more. She knew I was on the edge and she sat on a sofa, sipping the champagne as I stared at her large breasts moving in the lace-covered top of her slip.

“Darling, that was a nice orgasm. Small but pleasant. Sit here,” she said pointing at the carpet next to her feet. “However,” she said as I settled at her feet, “you have to get a little more adventurous to keep pleasing me.

Are you ready for that, darling?” she asked and I nodded. I was so aroused I was trembling as my cock pulsed. “There is a gift from Roberta on the table. Bring it here.”

Luisa opened the box and removed a strange object of leather straps. Smiling she slipped it over my head and locked it in place. Reaching into the gift-box, she retrieved a large black dildo, which was fastened to the front of the leather straps so the fat end sat firmly in my mouth. “Follow me,” she said, leading the way to the bedroom and I lay on the bed with the dildo sticking obscenely in the air from my head. Luisa laughed at me, lowered herself onto the dildo and I could only watch as her pussy slid down the fat fake cock until she was sitting on my face.

Slowly, she raised herself up, teased her pussy lips with the fake cock and then, suddenly, plunged down. Slowly, she began to fuck my face and I watched as my cock squirmed in its prison.

After she calmed down from her orgasm, she slid off the dildo and smiled at me. “You get a token for that one, darling, as I couldn’t have done it without you”. The mask was removed and I flexed my jaw, desperate for relief as I was just one token away.

“Luisa,” I said desperately. “What else would you like to do?”

She settled into the sofa and flicked the television on. “Nothing at the moment, darling,” she said calmly, sipping the champagne. “Maybe later.”

She watched two programs and I was desperate, balancing on the edge as my cock flexed in the chastity tube. I would do anything to get that final token “Luisa,” I begged. “Would you like to try something else now?”

She looked down at me. “Do you have something in mind?” I shook my head and she appeared to think for a moment. “I have an idea. Get my mother’s gift.” Once again I watched as she opened the box and, giggling, produced a pink dildo with a strap. Luisa peeled her slip off and I gawked at her magnificent body as she strapped the dildo in front of her so it jutted from her like a huge erection. “It is our wedding night, darling. One of us should get fucked.”

I was shocked but, pushed by desire, had no choice so, moments later, I knelt on the bed with my ass in the air as my new wife lubricated me.
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What can I say? The pain, the humiliation and the utter submission of the act combined to push me to a zone I had never entered before. She grunted as she slid in and out of me as my cock vainly attempted to swell in the tube. I did what she wanted, even pushing back so she could get more traction against her clitoris when she demanded it.

Finally, after fucking me for what seemed like hours, my wife collapsed on me in pleasure, screaming loudly as she rocked with her orgasm. I could not look her in the eye as she pulled from me, slapped me on the rump and went to the bathroom.

She returned in her slip and handcuffed me to the bed so I was spread-eagle against the linen. “See, darling,” she giggled. “Easy to get four tokens, wasn’t it?” I nodded dumbly and she quickly blindfolded me so I was plunged into darkness. “Just relax, darling,” she said as I felt her remove the chastity tube. Time for a little fun.” I groaned with joy as my cock burst into full erection and I felt her fasten something tightly around the base of my cock. “Don’t want you to cum quickly, darling as that may spoil the enjoyment.

I moaned with pure abandon as I felt her hand slowly stroke me bringing me closer and closer. “Do you like my hand, darling?”

“Yes, yes,” I moaned.

“Fuck my hand,” she said and her hand fell still. Raising my hips I pushed and pushed my cock through her hand as she giggled. “For a moment, I thought I heard another giggle but couldn’t be sure.

“Stop,” she said and her hand resumed the slow stroking.

“Oh God,” I croaked.

“Goddess,” she corrected and I heard another giggle. I was sure there was someone else in the room. Maybe more than one person and I remembered how Veronica had displayed her husband. Was this another tradition? “Goddess,” she said again as her hand stopped.

I was desperate for her to continue. “Goddess,” I moaned. “Goddess,” I repeated and her hand started to move but, even though I was so close, I couldn’t cum because of the tight device around the base of my cock.

“Who’s a goddess, darling?” she purred as her hand slicked up and down my dripping cock.

“You are. You are,” I babbled and I heard several giggles. Humiliation swept over me as I imagined what I must look like to my unseen audience as Luisa stroked my cock and tickled my bald balls to keep me on the edge.

“That’s nice, darling,” she said and her hand left my cock bobbing in my denuded crocth. “I have to have a drink with the bridal party, dear so you’ll have to wait.”

“Please, no,” I begged, tears beginning to roll down my cheek. “Please don’t leave me this way, my goddess,” I added, my voice breaking in desperation.

“I’ll do anything! Anything!”

“All right darling, I’ll have a drink here”. Champagne was poured into glasses and I knew there were several people in the room.

“Now, darling,” she said and I felt the bed shift as she sat next to me. “I’d like you to have your hair shaved off.” Her hand slowly started to stroke my cock and I was frantic. “Would you do that for me?”

“Yes, yes,” I babbled. “Tomorrow.”

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“No, darling, she said firmly. “Now.” A pillow was thrust under my shoulders and I heard the hum of electric clippers as they harvested my hair. Luisa’s hand kept stroking my cock and I trembled with the absolute need to cum.

Someone then shaved my head and my head felt cold and naked.

“Very chic,” she said and I felt her undoing the device around the base of my cock. “Darling, cum for us.” She didn’t have to say it twice and I bucked against her still hand like a rutting dog, oblivious to the giggles and laughter until I erupted with a scream.

When the tremors had pass, I lay on the bed soaked in my cum and wallowing in humiliation as I began my traditional marriage.

Tokens of Love 4: A Traditional Marriage

When we returned to the compound the next day, it was strangely deserted with no sign of Enrico and Doctor Rombossi. When I asked Luisa why, she looked at me coolly and advised me not to get involved in the family business.

Later, I was also surprised to find that I was to sleep in a small room adjoining Luisa’s bedroom. How was I going to consummate the marriage, I thought? My mouth opened to ask why but I shut it quickly when I saw the hard look in my lovely bride’s eyes. With the challenge ahead of me of accumulating five tokens, I didn’t want to be accused of another temper tantrum and kept my mouth shut.

My tasks were allocated to me and I began work around the house while Luisa flew to New York with Veronica for a `shopping honeymoon’ as they called it. I thought seriously about asking why I couldn’t join them but, remembering the cane, I kept that question to myself and completed all my chores around the deserted compound.

As I worked around the house, I caught glimpses of myself in the many mirrors and blushed at the sight of my baldhead. At least, it would grow back, I thought, not like my body hair. Luisa and Veronica returned after a few days and I was deliriously happy to see my bride, excited of the prospects of gaining a token quickly. I carried all her parcels to her room but she stopped me as I was about to enter.

“Sorry, darling, you can’t come in unless you are naked. There are quite a few additional traditions in our new married life.” I looked at her in dismay and she laughed prettily. “Darling, just go into your little room, take your clothes off and come back. It’s very simple.”

Of course, I did just that and blushed as she smilingly looked up and down my hairless body. “So smooth, darling though I see some stubble coming back on your head. Would you like me to arrange for Roberta to stop that growing as well as your face?”

The thought of being permanently completed bald panicked me. “No, please not that.” She looked at me sternly. “Goddess,” I added quickly and she broke into a smile.

“All right, darling, not for now. Put the parcels there and I feel like giving my new husband a token,” she added eyes twinkling and I smiled happily. Luisa sat on the bed and casually lifted her skirt and my imprisoned cock pulsed madly at the sight of her white transparent panties, garter belt and taupe stockings. Dropping to my knees, I was about to plunge my face to her crotch when she suddenly closed her legs. “No, darling, start at my feet. You can lick my toes through the nylon.

Tenderly, I removed her high heels and started to kiss her toes. Suddenly, she slid her foot into my mouth and I suckled on her five toes at once.

“Still, darling,” she commanded me and started moving her foot in and out of my mouth. “I’m fucking your face with my foot,” she giggled. “It looks funny, darling.”

After a few moments, she withdrew her foot, stood up and daintily removed her panties from under her skirt. “That made me wet darling,” she said holding the wispy panties close to my face. “Look,” she said, suddenly rubbing my face with the aromatic panties as she looked down at me with a smile.

That smile quickly turned to a pout. “Aren’t you going to thank me for letting you smell my panties?”

“Goddess,” I rushed, “thank you for smelling your panties.”

“Better,” she smiled. “Now, stick out your tongue.” As I did, she held it firmly between her thumb and finger. “I want this tongue to do a good job, darling,’ she said, stretching my tongue a little and then letting it go. “Where do you think I want your tongue, darling?” she smiled.

“In your pussy, Goddess,” I said quickly, my cock throbbing in its chastity tube at the thought.

“Yes,” she giggled. “And somewhere else. Where else, darling?”

“In your ass, Goddess?” I asked, face burning.

“Remember last time you did it for me, darling? You called it asshole then.”

“In your asshole, Goddess,” I murmured, bowing my head and face hot.

“That’s better, darling,” she gaily said as she crawled on the bed, her ass in the air. Slowly, I crawled behind her and started to lift her skirt with my hands when she said, “No hands, darling. Just your wonderful mouth.”

Slowly, I eased the skirt up over her waist with my teeth, revealing her full bottom framed by the white garter belt and stockings. “I’m not as clean as I was last time, darling,” she called down to me as I laid face up under her ass. “I know you won’t mind, though,” she giggled softly. “You’ll do anything for a token, won’t you, darling?”

The thick fruity odour of her crotch enveloped me as I raised my face to lick but, suddenly, she sat down on me and her pussy and her ass smothered me, wrapping me in the heady and intoxicating aroma of her crotch. She was wriggling as I sucked air and thrust my tongue into her puckered hole.

Thankfully, she would rise every few moments to allow me to suck in oxygen and then would press her ample ass back onto my face. After an eternity, she rode my face to a modest orgasm and allowed me to go free.

She got off the bed, retrieved a token from her purse and placed it around my neck, my first token of married life. “That was charming, darling,” she said, patting me on my baldhead. “Now,” she giggled, “you’d better go wash your face. It’s a little dirty.”

One of my new chores was to bring breakfast to Luisa in her room every morning and she was very particular about what should be on the menu. Naturally, according to tradition, I entered her room naked with the tray and placed it beside her bed. On the third morning, ever hopeful of gaining her attention so I might achieve a second token, I placed a small rose on the tray, next to her newspaper.

She yawned and stretched and my cock pulsed as I ogled her rolling breasts through her white negligee but she ignored the rose and sipped her coffee instead as she absently glanced at the newspaper headlines. Suddenly, she frowned. “This coffee is just warm, darling, not hot as I would like.”

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“I’m sorry, Goddess,” I said quickly. “I’ll make another.”

She ignored me. “And the toast is cool and burnt.” Disdainfully she pushed the tray away. “A poor breakfast, not at all what I would expect from my husband.” I opened my mouth to speak and she frowned at me so I snapped my mouth closed. “I think your attention is starting to wander, darling because you are always focussed on gaining tokens instead of satisfactorily completing your chores. Mother has noticed it as well. I think we should set a time limit on the tokens so you will be able to relax and focus on your little jobs. From now on, I think you should only have an opportunity to gain a token once a month.”

I was horrified, as that would mean five months before I got relief! “No, Luisa, please no,” I whined. “I’ll do better, I promise.”

She glared at me. “Luisa is it? You are becoming very lax.”

“I’m sorry, Goddess. I’m sorry, please don’t do this to me.” Luisa stared out the window as my mind raced. “Goddess,” I pleaded. “You are right, I’ve been lax. Please punish me for that but allow me the opportunity to please you often. Please,” I begged.

She studied me calmly. “Darling, are you saying you would rather I punish you for your poor efforts?”

“Yes, Goddess, please” I begged.

“Darling,” Luisa said evenly, “you do remember what happened last time?”

I lowered my head. “Yes, Goddess.”

“If that’s what you want,” she said and regally got out the bed, her negligee trailing behind her like a Queen’s robe as she walked into her dressing room, leaving me full of apprehension and fear. Luisa appeared with a carry bag that further increased my fear at the sight of it and she handcuffed my hands behind my back. A small chain around my neck fastened bent me over so she could lock me to the bed. A bar connected to leather straps was shackled around my knees, pushing my thighs apart. She took the ball gag out of the bag, looked at it for a moment and then replaced it in the bag.

BDSM Hardcore Ad“I don’t think we’ll need this, darling. It’s only mother in the house.” Luisa walked to the door and called out for her mother and I flushed at the thought of Veronica watching my punishment.

Veronica walked in and studied me with an amused look on her face. “Opted for punishment, did he?” Luisa nodded while she rummaged in the bag. “The tattoo looks wonderful and he’s so smooth,” Veronica said. “Pity his hair is growing back.”

Luisa gave me a gentle kiss on my head. “It doesn’t matter if you yell out, darling. We understand. You do look so cute with you ass up like that and your balls hanging.”

“Are using the cane?” Veronica asked and my eyes widened in horror when Luisa produced the thin cane from the bag.

“Last time was five strokes on each thigh, darling, but I’m afraid that didn’t teach you properly so I’m going to have to double that,” she said, moving behind me. “Twenty strokes but, this time they will be on your ass.”

The cane whistled through the air and slashed across my buttocks and I screamed hoarsely as the women giggled softly. After ten strokes, I was sobbing quietly as the tears streamed down my face.

Luisa moved in front of me and stroked my cheeks. “Now darling,” she cooed, “this is your choice, isn’t it?” I nodded mutely, my ass inflamed with pain.

“As you have offended mother with your lax behaviour as well, I think it would be appropriate for her to administer the last strokes, don’t you darling?” I felt humiliated at the thought of my mother in law thrashing me but I wanted it to be over so I nodded again.

Smiling, Luisa handed her mother the cane and she stroked my cheek as Veronica slashed at my bottom with that evil cane. Veronica was twice as painful as Luisa, and by the end of the ten I was sobbing gutturally while Luisa held my head my head.

I was still sobbing when they released me and removed the spreader bar. Veronica casually examined the welts across my ass. “He won’t be sitting down for a week,” she said.

“Darling,” Luisa smiled gently. “It will hurt for you to wear clothes so I think you should remain naked all the time now so the clothes won’t rub on your poor bottom. There’s only mother and I here now anyway.”

Veronica walked out without a backward glance and Luisa smiled at me. “Now, go about your little jobs while I have a long bath.” Her eyes twinkled. “I may be in the mood later for you to try for a token, darling.” I scampered away, grunting at the continual pain on my ass but at least it took my mind of my imprisoned cock.

I didn’t get the opportunity for a token as, later in the day, it all changed as tragedy struck. They received a message that Caruso, Luisa’s father and Veronica’s husband, had been killed in a car accident.

Both Luisa and Veronica rushed to New York without even considering that I should join them. Instead, I was left alone in the compound, tending to my chores for the next week and, Luisa was right, it was much more comfortable naked without clothing rubbing on my wounded rear.

When they returned, they were curt with me and, even though I tended to their every whim, they treated me like a servant as they discussed their plans for the business. Luisa called me to the study where she and Veronica had been going through papers and effects.

“Darling, I’m afraid I have to go to New York for a while” she announced with no warning. “You’ll have to stay here for a few months while I focus on saving the family business.

I was stunned. “Why can’t I go with you, Luisa?” I moaned and her eyes narrowed. “Goddess,” I quickly added.

She smiled and patted me on the cheek. “New York is no place for you, darling.”
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“Please, Goddess,” I whined, “don’t leave me alone for months.”

“Are you really going to miss me, darling? She asked sweetly.

“I think he is worried about not receiving tokens,” Veronica observed.

“Don’t worry, darling,” Luisa smiled warmly. “I thought of that and mother will arrange opportunities for you, won’t you mother?”

Veronica stared at me coldly. “Yes dear, of course I will. I see he’s got one all ready so only four to go,” she sneered and my heart sank. I felt so lost and so humiliated that tears welled up in my eyes.

“Poor darling,” Luisa said. “It won’t be forever but the family business is depending on me. I must go.”

“When Goddess?” I asked brokenly.

“In the next hour, darling. I’m all packed.” With that, she turned away and started going through some papers with Veronica so, hurt and confused, I wandered to my room where I lay on the bed, hoping that Luisa would come to say goodbye and, perhaps, give me a chance at one last token. The minutes dragged on and, after a while, I heard a car arrive and drive away and I knew Luisa had left, leaving me with Veronica.

Tokens of Love 5: A Traditional Separation

I had never felt so lost, so lonely and so spurned by someone who claims to be my wife. The thought occurred to me that I could leave but where would I go and how would I get there? I had no money or anyway to support myself and I also clung to the belief that Luisa loved me and would return.

I heard Veronica calling me and I shuffled slowly downstairs where she was waiting for me in the study. “Now that we are alone Billy,” she said harshly, “I expect to see your work efforts improve. I believe Luisa has been to soft on you.”

Too soft, I thought, but what about that caning? “Of course, Veronica,” I said softly.

“No, call me Miss Veronica, if you will. There has been a distinct lack of respect from you in the past and that will now change.”

“Yes, Miss Veronica,” I quickly said.

“As for those tokens you are so keen on getting, you won’t find me as accepting as Luisa. She is still young with a lot to learn. It took sometime for poor Caruso, God rest his soul, to come to terms with my demands but he soon developed into a model husband, following all our traditions.” She paused and I expected a sign of emotion at the mention of her late husband but there was none. “I expect breakfast in my room at seven and you will be on time and naked. I’m too tired after this exhausting ordeal to even think about giving you and opportunity for a token yet. You will have to wait.”

“Yes Miss Veronica,” I murmured.

“It has been a while since your wedding night so I expect that you are constantly aroused by now.” With one quick movement, she lifted the hem of her skirt to show me the lace tops of her black stockings and my cock throbbed in its cruel prison. “Does that hurt you, Billy?” she asked slyly and I nodded dumbly. “Excellent,” she said happily. “Tomorrow at seven, Billy. Be prompt and be perfect, I warn you..”

I was on time and I was perfect even though I was in constant pain as I gazed at Veronica in her flimsy nightgown. Although an older woman, she still had a haughty beauty and a voluptuous figure that soon had my cock squirming in the chastity tube.

Nervously, I waited; standing naked next to her bed as she sampled the breakfast I had submitted and felt elated when she nodded. “A big improvement, Billy. Now, go about the rest of your chores.”

By lunchtime, I had moved the cars out of the garage to wash them and started cleaning them. The pool was close by and I spied Veronica in a deckchair in a white one-piece swimsuit. Working naked, I started washing the cars and even though her dark sunglasses hid her eyes, I felt she was watching me as I worked up a sweat cleaning the cars.

After an hour, she disappeared into the house and I parked the cars back into the garage. Veronica, her swimsuit covered by a long flowing robe suddenly appeared next to me in the garage, her eyes still hidden by the sunglasses.

A cruel smile played on her face, as she looked me up and down. “Token time, Billy,” she said harshly. “My way.” The robe was tossed aside and I gasped as I saw she was still dressed in the clinging white swimsuit but an obscene black cock was jutting from her groin, secured by straps around her body. I saw she had pulled the crotch of the swimsuit to one side so the base of the dildo fitted snugly over her pussy.

“Miss Veronica,” I gasped in shock and her smile became wider.

“You can lick it to wet it, Billy or I can use it dry on you. It’s your choice.”

“Please Miss Veronica,” I pleaded, afraid.

“Use your mouth, Billy. Now,” she commanded harshly and I sank to my knees in front of her in the garage. I sucked on that fake cock, licked and wet it as much as I could, knowing that without any lubrication, the pain would be extreme. “You need plumper lips,” she murmured half to herself. “Now, over the bonnet of the car,” she snapped and I draped myself over the gleaming metal I had just finished washing and polishing.

Her feet kicked my legs apart and I felt the tip of that obscene dildo push against me. “Relax,” she hissed, “or it will be worse for you.” I willed myself to relax and gritted my teeth as she pushed it in, invading me and filling me with humiliation. “I love doing this to men,” she said to herself, her voice heavy with lust.

Suddenly, she was in me completely, her body pressed against mine as she flattened me against the car. Then, she started moving in and out of me, faster and faster as she fucked me over the metal of her car in plain sight. I cried out as she increased the tempo but she ignored me, murmuring to her self as she built the tension within her until she tossed her head back and moaned in ecstasy.

After a moment, she simply released the straps and left the dildo buried inside me. “Clean it, Billy,” she laughed as she walked away. “I’ll give you the token later.” I could still hear her laughing as I slowly got off the car and gingerly removed the filthy dildo. I found myself crying softly as I washed it, filled with extreme degradation and humiliation, at being subject to such casual use. Strangely, my cock pulsed in its metal restraint.

What were my choices? Should I run but where would I go?I resolved to bow to Veronica’s will so I could get more tokens as I desperately needed relief and to wait it out until my loving Luisa returned.

The next morning I arrived in Veronica’s room promptly at seven with her breakfast perfectly prepared on a tray I held before me. As I approached the bed, I greeted her with forced cheeriness and said, “Good morning Miss Veronica.” She looked up at me as I said it and then arranged her self so she was leaning against the pillows as I offered her the tray but she didn’t take it.

Instead, I felt her fingers stroking my inner thigh but I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing as the tray blocked my view. The soft sensations were going straight to my cock and I grimaced in pain as it futilely tried to inflate. “You know Billy,” she said almost conversationally as her fingers drew little patterns next to my balls, “I could decide not to give you any more tokens?” I gaped in shock and she smiled cruelly. “Never again, if I feel like it. Of course,” she laughed harshly, “I will still fuck you whenever I want but you just won’t get a token for it.” I opened my mouth but something in her eyes told me not to speak so I snapped it shut.

Suddenly, I felt her hand close around my bald balls. “I can squeeze these whenever I want too,” she said and I was suddenly afraid at being so vulnerable and my hands started to tremble causing the cup on my tray to rattle in its saucer. “Don’t you dare drop that!” she hissed as she gave my balls a small squeeze.

“Let me make this clear for you,” she snapped, her hand squeezing a little more. “You do not speak until you are asked a question. Never, ever,” she added, giving my balls a sharp squeeze and I gasped. “Do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Veronica,” I said quickly in a squeaky voice.

“That rule is to apply to any woman who can give you a token. At this stage that is just Luisa and myself but that may change. You are never to ask questions! You will keep your eyes lowered as I don’t want you ogling me all the time!” she said loudly. “And you will never say no to me!” With each word she gave my balls a sharp squeeze and I could feel tears starting to fill my eyes. “Do I have your complete understanding?” she demanded loudly.

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“Yes Miss Veronica,” I groaned and, thankfully, she released my balls but my cock was throbbing unmercifully.

“Good,” she said a satisfied smile on her face. “Put the tray down and run my bath.”

I did so and quickly hurried to her bathroom and started running the water, fear coursing through me. She walked regally into the bathroom after her breakfast and, remembering my instructions, I kept my eyes lowered as she slipped her nightgown off. A glimpse of pink flesh and she was sinking into the bath foam with a small sigh as I stood waiting, eyes lowered.

“Look at me,” she said and I warily looked into those hard eyes. “You can lay out my clothes. The olive green wool dress, I think. And, because you’ve been a good boy to learn so quickly,” she said with a small smile, ” You can choose the lingerie you would like to see me in. Now, run off.”

I scampered to her dressing room, feeling strangely happy at the compliment she had given me and extremely aroused at the thought of her in sexy underwear. Carefully, I lay the dress on the small table in the dressing room and then sorted through her underwear drawers in her closet. My cock throbbed as I felt the filmy garments and was overwhelmed at the variety but chose a bra and panty set in peach lace with matching garter belt. Equally as carefully, I placed the lingerie on the table next to the dress and waited.

She called me and I hurried to the bathroom, eyes lowered. “Get my towel,” she said and I held it out to her. “No,” she snapped, “hold it open so I can step into it, fool!” Chagrined, I did so and wrapped it around her warm body. After drying herself quickly, she slipped a white towelling robe on and wrapped her hair in the towel. “Empty the bath and clean it,” Veronica said, leaving me to my task. She was seated at her dressing table, painting her nails when I returned and she lazily pointed to her feet so I quickly knelt before her. “Here,” she said, giving me a small bottle of nail polish.

“You can put another coat on my toe nails but be careful.”

Carefully, I did so, beginning with her left foot which she rested on my thighs. As I worked, I realised Veronica’s robe had parted and I could sneak glances at her pussy. My eyes were constantly drawn back to that thatch of curly dark hair and, when she replaced her left foot with her right, I got a glimpse of her puffy lips nestled in the hair. The combination of Veronica’s foot on my kneeling thighs and my illicit glances at her pussy was driving my enclosed cock insane.

Suddenly, her voice broke my reverie. “Are you looking at my pussy, Billy?” she asked in a quite voice and, quickly lowering my eyes, I answered her truthfully.

“Yes, Miss Veronica,” I murmured, wondering what punishment I was going to receive.

Instead, I felt her thighs open more. “You’ve been a good boy, Billy so I’ll let you look.” Licking my dry lips, I stared at her pussy, my eyes hungrily devouring the sight. “Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your cock inside a pussy, Billy,” she said in a dreamy tone.

“Yes, Miss Veronica,” I croaked. “I have.”

“Well, maybe one day, Billy, one day you will but for now Luisa and I want you to keep your virginity. It’s rather sweet and special. And you seem to enjoy the way you get your relief,” she laughed and I flushed deeply.

“Luisa also tells me you are coming along nicely as a pussy licker so I might try you out myself. Have you finished with my toes?”

“Yes, Miss Veronica.”

Veronica stood up. “Good,” she said in a flat voice. “I’m a little horny now,” she said calmly. “Go get my cock.” I was frozen, unable to look up and unable to say anything and we remained like that for a moment until I slowly shuffled off to get what she asked for, deeply humiliated as she was forcing me to get the device she degrades me with.

Veronica was standing naked in the room with a small triumphant smile when I returned, the strap-on in my trembling hands. “Kneel there,” she said, pointing at her feet, “and I will show you how to put it on me.” My face was crimson and I felt embarrassed as she showed me how to strap it around her.

The black fake cock bumped against my cheek as I fastened the strap, the heady aroma of her pussy tantalising my poor cock and it throbbed continually. “Now, this groove has to fit there,” her long fingers with the freshly painted red nails showed me the spot, “so it fits over my clit.” It was finished and I knelt before her, trembling and heart pounding, fearing what was coming. “Look up,” she commanded and I did, the fake cock hanging obscenely from her groin and her large breasts hanging free below her smiling face.

A small giggle escaped her as she gently tapped the head of the black cock against my cheek. “Open wide,” she laughed gently and, as I did, she slid the cock in. “Suck, baby,” she cooed, “get it all wet for your ass.” My face was burning as I licked and sucked the cock in a way I would like my cock to be treated if I were ever that lucky.

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“Hold your lips like you’re kissing,” Veronica commanded. “Nice,” she breathed as she slid it in and out of my mouth, “though your lips could be plumper and, perhaps, some lipstick.” Suddenly, she held my head firm with her hand while she fucked my face and my throat as I tried not to gag.

Thankfully, she pulled free and gestured to the bed so I slowly crouched on all fours on the bed. I felt her examine my ass with her fingers and tensed, waiting for the first feel of the cock but instead, I felt her putting something greasy and cool on my tortured us. Suddenly, I felt her finger slip in and she moved it around. “Getting stretched,” Veronica said, “but still not big enough yet. Lie down.” I lay face down and felt her slap me on by buttock near the tattoo. “No, face up with your legs back.” She clambered onto the bed and positioned herself between my legs as she slid a pillow under me. “I want to look at you, baby,” she cooed as she started to slide the cock in. Whatever she had coated me with made it less painful and her dildo slid into me easily until her stomach was pressed against me, her breast hanging over me as she smiled down at me.

Humiliated to be in that position with my legs bent back, I still felt my cock pulse constantly at the sight of her breasts and her lovely face as she slowly fucked me. “Move for me, baby,” she breathed, holding my arms down above my head. “Push back so I get more pressure.” Face burning, my cheeks wet with my tears, I did and a smile of cruel victory appeared on her face. “That’s it baby. You’re getting better and one day you’ll come like this. Maybe we’ll come together,” she gasped as she increased the tempo. “My sweet captive slut,” she murmured to her self as she stared down at me through her heavy lidded eyes. Veronica increased the tempo, fucking me furiously until she cried out loudly as she exploded in her orgasm.

We lay together for a moment until Veronica, surprisingly, kissed me gently on my cheek and licked at one of my salty tears. “You deserve a token for that, baby,” she said softly and I felt strangely proud. As before, she left the dildo inside of me as she disengaged. “Clean that while I freshen up,” she said as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Veronica was naked in her dressing room when I returned and she was inspecting the lingerie I had laid out. Suddenly, I was frightened I had not made the right choice and waited for her verdict with my eyes lowered.

“Nice,” she said and I felt relieved. “Most men would have chosen slutty black but this is nice. Do the bra up,” she said as she cupped her breasts in the peach lace bra and my fingers trembled as I fumbled with the strap.

“Panties,” Veronica commanded and I knelt, holding the panties in my hands so she could daintily step into them. Without her asking I started to slide them up until my eyes were parallel with her pussy. “Stop,” she snapped and I froze. “You would like to kiss it, wouldn’t you?” she asked in a gentle voice.

“Yes Miss Veronica,” I croaked, cock a centre of lust and pain.

“Not now. Maybe later, if you’re a good boy. Pull them up.” Veronica finished dressing and putting her make up as I waited patiently, eyes lowered. She admired herself in the mirror and then showed me the token in her hand. “Come here,” and she attached it to my neck chain. “Three,”

Veronica giggled softly. “Only two to go. If you’re lucky,” she added warningly. “Bend over and spread your cheeks.” Face burning I did and felt her fingers as she inspected my ass. “Stretched, but not enough. That will be rectified. Stand up,” Veronica said as she slapped me on my buttocks.

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“Get about your tasks and I will feel like a light salad for lunch. Prepare it.”

Ignoring the discomfort of my ass and the pain of my confined cock, I went about my tasks and then completed her lunch. I served Veronica by the pool and I had constant images of her in the peach lingerie as her legs shifted under the green dress.

“Very good, baby,” she said approvingly and I swelled with pride as she gave me a warm pat on my ass. “Even a glass of chilled white wine.” Veronica started eating and I waited, eyes lowered until she put her knife and fork down. “Very nice,” she said, dabbing her lips with the napkin. “We are going out this afternoon and you will be my driver. I’ll have your uniform for you after I’ve finished my lunch. Have a shower and clean yourself thoroughly.”

At least she’s not going to make me drive her naked, I thought as I hurried to the bathroom. When I emerged, she handed me a pair of white lycra shorts, a white T-shirt and a pair of white slides for my feet. I was stunned and it must have shown on my face because she looked at me harshly. “Remember what I said, you will not say no to me,” she said warningly. “Not now or later when you will be told to accept some changes. I’ve spoken to Luisa and she agrees completely.”

Veronica has spoken to Luisa but did not allow me to talk to her! I was astonished and gaped at her. “You were busy doing your chores and she only had a moment. Now,” she said menacingly, “get dressed!”

Both articles of clothing were small and my captured cock and my bald balls were clearly displayed while there was a gap showing my stomach between the shirt and the shorts. I felt like a fool and my face burned with shame.

“Very nice,” she said approvingly as she looked me up and down.

I sat in the front of the Mercedes after opening the rear door for Veronica and, following her instructions, I drove down the road towards the village while she sat smiling in the back, humming to herself.

I was not surprised when she directed me to Roberta’s and totally embarrassed and humiliated, I stood in the street in my ridiculous outfit to open the door for her. As my eyes were lowered, I was granted a flash of leg as she emerged and followed her into the house where Roberta and Veronica greeted each other warmly.

“Veronica, it’s wonderful to see you,” Roberta said as Veronica sat. “Would you like something, coffee? Or perhaps a glass of white wine?”

“White wine sounds perfect,” Veronica smiled. “Where is it?”

“It’s through there,” Roberta gestured and Veronica looked at me.

“Go get it, baby,” she said. “Two glasses.” Blushing, I followed her instructions and wondered when exactly I had gone from Billy to Baby?

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When I returned, they were deep in conversation. “The psychological change takes a while,” Roberta said, “but you are an expert. Luisa has told me of your coaching and advice.”

“I have had a great deal of experience,” Veronica admitted modestly. “Ah, the wine has arrived.” They sipped their wine and smiled at each other.

“Shall we start?” Roberta asked.

“Yes. Baby, take your clothes off,” Veronica said without even looking at me and I hurriedly complied as, after all Roberta had seen me naked before and had been at the wedding.

“On the examination table,” Roberta ordered and I lay down as Roberta leaned over me, examining my lips. “You want me to do it, Veronica?” she called over her shoulder and I heard Veronica’s voice reply.

“Yes, plumper.”

“Close your eyes,” Roberta said as she fumbled with items on a small table. Suddenly I felt something jab into my lips and I started. “Keep still, this won’t hurt,” she said in a scornful voice and I felt a strange burnings sensation in my lips. Several times she injected me until Veronica appeared to peer over Roberta’s shoulder at me. “What do you think? They will shrink a little after a day but this is close to the final shape.”

“I like the as they are now. Perhaps a little more to make sure?”

“Of course.” Again, my lips were injected and felt swollen and sore when she had finished. “There,” Roberta said and Veronica nodded.

“Nice, very nice. Get up, baby, on all fours now.” I complied as Roberta slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and I soon felt her fingers probing my anus, my cock throbbed in its tube.

“I see what you mean,” she said to Veronica. “I have these four plugs and I suggest a few hours a day, progressively building upto the larger size. Do you want me to put it in now?”

“Yes, why not.” Roberta’s fingers started coating my as with a cool greasy cream and Veronica moved to the front where she could look directly into my face. “Look at me,” she commanded and she smiled as I looked up at her.

“You’ll be very pretty with some lipstick on those lips. Now, baby, we have to get you a little larger so I don’t hurt you when you get a token. Here, hold my hand.” I took her offered hand and she smiled at me tenderly as she squeezed slightly. Suddenly, I felt something enter my ass and I stiffened in shock. “Relax, baby, it’s just a butt plug,” Veronica soothed as the object worked its way in and I felt my ass close over it.

“Done,” Roberta said, slapping me on the as. “Get down.” I felt full inside and awkward as I waddled towards my clothes. “I’ll put the others in here,” Roberta said opening a carry bag, “along with your other little request.”

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“You’re an angel,” Veronica said, kissing her on the cheek.

It was uncomfortable driving home with my full ass and I was also astonished at my reflection in the rear view mirror. My lips were plump and swollen like a female movie star! Veronica smiled at me from the backseat. “I like them, baby,” she said and, I guess that’s all that mattered.

After dinner that evening, Veronica told me to remove the butt plug before bed and clean it as she gave me a tube of jelly. “You’ll need to put it in yourself tomorrow,” she warned before going off to sleep.

I waddled into her room in the morning with her breakfast with the butt plug inserted. It had been difficult but with the help of the jelly, I had managed to succeed. Veronica smiled sleepily at me when she saw the way I was walking. After her bath, I dressed her and then went about my chores. My lips were not as sore and I was getting used to the sensation of the butt plug as I worked.

A car pulled up outside the house and I heard voices downstairs. As I was naked, I crept to the top of the stairs to peer down and was overjoyed to see Luisa kissing her mother on the cheek. Rushing down, I entered the lounge room and stood waiting as they settled themselves in the lounge room.

Luisa glanced at me and then turned away to continue talking to Veronica. Crestfallen, I waited until Veronica smiled over at me. “Come here, baby,” she said and I waddled over.

“Baby?” giggled Luisa. “That’s interesting, Mother.” Luisa looked me up at down. “Darling, I see Mother has made a few changes. I like the lips, I might try them out later, darling so you can get a token.” I smiled happily but kept my eyes down.

“His lips mightn’t be ready yet,” Veronica said.

“What’s the matter, Mother?” Luisa said in a hard voice. “Don’t want me to use them first? He is my husband, you know!”

“I know that, dear,” Veronica said quietly, “but I only had them done yesterday.”

“Time enough,” Luisa dismissed. “Tun around, darling and bend over.” Red faced, I did. “I see you’re up to your usual tricks, Mother,” Luisa laughed.

“We all have different demands, Luisa,” Veronica haughtily replied.

Luisa laughed. “I know, Mother. I know. Darling,” she said to me. “Mother and I have to discuss some family business. Go to my room and wait for me in a manner appropriate.” Dismissed, I waddled upstairs and puzzled over her instructions, finally deciding to wait for her kneeling beside her bed.

Sometime later, she breezed in and petted me on my head, now covered with thickening stubble. “Good boy,” Luisa said as she sat on the bed in front of me, carefully sliding her skirt up to show me her white lace panties. “I really want to try those lips,” she smiled. “And you want a token, don’t you, darling?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I croaked, my cock squirming painfully in its chastity tube.

“Of course you do, darling. It has been a while and that’s why I came back for such a short visit. I have to look after my husband, especially since you are so dependent on me. You do depend on me for everything, don’t you, darling?”

“Yes, Goddess,” I admitted and realised that it was completely true.”

“Beautiful boy,” she murmured as she daintily wriggled her panties down and laid back, glistening pussy exposed to me. “Kiss me,” she said in a throaty voice. I leaned forward and kissed her, my lips feeling strange and almost numb as I caressed her pussy. My new lips brushed her clitoris as she had shown me to do in the past and she moaned softly. Her fingers rubbed the stubble on my head and pulled me closer into her wetness. I was on my knees, butt plug firmly wedged inside me for almost half an hour as I licked her to a small but explosive orgasm.

“Nice, darling,” she said in a mellow voice, “small but nice. Let me look at you. You look so cute,” she giggled, “with your new lips all wet from me, so adorable. Here, darling,” Luisa said has she rummaged in her purse for a token, “let me put this on. Only one to go, “she laughed. “Now, kiss my toes and go about your chores.”

To my dismay, as I was working in the kitchen, I saw Luisa get into her car and drive away. Veronica leaned against the doorframe and smiled at me.

“She’s gone back to New York, baby,” she said softly. “It’s just you and me again.” Crestfallen, I turned back to my work blinking my eyes as I realised she had gone without even saying goodbye to me. Why should she, I rationalised to myself, when she has so much to do?

Again, I removed the butt plug before I went to bed and slept fitfully that night, dreaming of being with Luisa forever. The next day, I was almost numb as I went through my duties and Veronica watched me strangely but made no comment.

That night Veronica told me to come to her room after dinner and to remove the butt plug before I did “Come in, baby,” she called when I tentatively knocked on the door and gasped when I saw she was standing naked next to her bed. There was just one small lamp on and the room was bathed in a soft yellow glow. On the bed was the strap on cock and a hatbox.

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Veronica smiled at me, crooked her finger and I walked to her, naked as usual. “Put it on me, baby,” she instructed and, resignedly, I knelt and strapped the dildo on her, the perfume of her arousal reaching my nostrils as I leaned close to her to fasten the buckles. “Look up,” Veronica said softly and, as I did, she held my face and gently painted my new plump lips with a bright red lipstick. I heard rustling and she removed a long blonde wig from the hatbox that she fitted firmly to my head.

The end of the wig caressed my shoulders and I felt embarrassed but Veronica smiled down at me. “Beautiful,” she said huskily. “Open, baby and look up at me.” She slid the fake cock into my mouth and she was breathing heavily as she slowly fucked my mouth. “You look fantastic,” she croaked and quickly pulled out. “On the bed, baby,” and I crouched on her bed as she greased me.

I was surprised when she entered me quickly from behind and felt her fingers brush the hair of my wig as she rapidly fucked me. As her tempo increased, she slammed into me, jolting me forward. “Push back, slut” she demanded urgently and I did until she moaned as she reached her peak.

After a moment, she disengaged and told me to clean the dildo in her bathroom. Veronica was lying in the bed when I returned to put the dildo in its place in the drawer and waited, eyes lowered. She smiled at me and patted the bed beside her. “Come here, baby.” Shocked, I walked to the bed as she pulled the covers back and, slowly, I slid in beside her.

Veronica embraced me and kissed me passionately. “Thank you, little slave,” she breathed and I felt so proud. “That was another token, baby, and I’ll make it special for you tomorrow,” Veronica said and my cock throbbed at the thought of being that so close to actually gaining relief.

She kissed me again, turned the light off and rolled over on her side, her plump bottom towards me. “Hold me, baby,” she commanded and I spooned against her, my cock throbbing in its tube against the smoothness of her soft buttocks. With a shock, I realised I was going to sleep with her, something I had not done even with Luisa. As I drifted off to sleep, I realised that Veronica really cared for me and wanted to protect me, so feeling safe and comfortable snuggled up to soft body, I fell asleep.

The morning crept into the room and I blinked awake and realised with a sharp jolt where I was. Veronica was sleeping beside me, her face a picture of innocence and openness as she slept and I carefully slipped away so I could prepare her breakfast.

I had arranged flowers on the tray and carefully placed it on the table beside her as she stirred a sleepy smile on her face as she pulled herself up against the pillows. Her breasts, swinging free, hypnotised me as I waited, head bowed, my cock squirming.

“Good morning, baby,” she said in that soft voice of hers. “Run my bath than get about your chores. Come to the study at ten for your gift from me.”

At ten I found her seated and dressed in a burgundy coloured dress and black hose, her hair hanging free. “Kneel, baby,” she said and I knelt before her, my cock pulsing in its cold metal tube. She uncrossed her legs and I listened to the rasping sound of nylon as her legs rubbed together for an instant. Veronica held a small key out to me. “Unlock it, baby,” she instructed. Open mouthed, I stared at her and she smiled down at me. “I don’t have to chain you up, do I baby?”

I shook my head. “No Miss Veronica.” Taking a deep breath, I fumbled for a while with the lock but managed to unlock it and my cock sprang free, rushing to erection.

“Feel nice, baby?” she asked softly.

“Oh yes, Miss Veronica,” I gasped.

“Hold it in the hand you don’t jerk off with,” she ordered and I closed my left hand around my hard and pulsing cock, desperate with need. “Don’t move,” she warned, “until I tell you. Now,” she said, slowly opening her legs, “look and tell me what you see.”

My eyes were fastened on her crotch as she slowly parted her legs enabling me to look up her skirt, past her lace stocking tops to the gleaming crotch of her white panties. “Oh,” I exclaimed, my cock pulsing madly in my still hand, “I see your stockings Miss Veronica,” I said hoarsely.

“Of course you do but what else?”

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“Your panties, Miss Veronica,” I groaned. “Your white panties.”

“My gift to you,” she said softly, a gentle smile on her beautiful face.

“Look deeply at my panties, baby, and dream of what lies beneath. One day, you’ll kiss me down there and, one day when you are truly mine, your cock will feel inside me. That will be my ultimate gift, baby, to you,” Veronica said softly and my cock started to jump in my hand as I rushed to the edge.

“Miss Veronica!” I cried, milking myself dry as I exploded into a long denied but dramatic orgasm as she smiled down at me. Kneeling before her, my puddle on the polished floorboards in front of me, I attempted to gain my breath while staring downwards to avoid her gaze as I felt, by coming, I had disappointed her.

“Was that nice, baby?” Veronica asked softly.

“Miss Veronica, that was wonderful,” I murmured, head lowered. “But I came to soon for you,” I said but she shook her head.

“No, baby, that was for you.” She closed her legs and I watched, longingly, as that white crotch disappeared from my sight. “Lock yourself up, baby,” Veronica said, watching me carefully as I slid the tube on and locked it. Without a moments hesitation I handed her the key and her lovely face broke into a huge smile.

“Thank you, baby,” she said warmly. “You looked beautiful when you came at my feet.” My chest swelled with pride but suddenly I thought of Luisa and how she has treated be in the past. The difference between Luisa and her mother was vast and I was confused.

Veronica must have sensed that confusion. “You can ask me one question, baby,” she said.

I hesitated and then rushed on. “Miss Veronica, is Luisa coming back?”

Veronica studied me for a moment, smiled, reached out and gently caressed my cheek. “Not for a while, baby,” she said sadly. “And, I’m afraid, when she does, there will be pain.”

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Veronica treated me differently than Luisa and, although she was much older, I found her so attractive and arousing. I had graduated to the larger size butt plug and Veronica had told me I would soon no longer have to insert a plug each day. She offered me a glimpse up her skirt many times a day, which drove me to new heights of arousal, and I realised that I was completely fixated on attaining those illicit peeks, despite the pain it caused for my poor captured cock.

Sometimes, when I was keeling to put her shoes on, she would languidly let her legs slide open and I would be hypnotised by the glimpse of her panty-covered crotch. Often, when I glimpsed up, Veronica would be smiling down at me with a strange triumphant smile.

BDSM Hardcore AdThere were times when she was tender with me and other times when she treated me with contempt and anger. Once, I failed to polish the car to the standard she expected and I was thrust over the table next to the pool and savagely whipped across my back with the cane until I was crying brokenly. Veronica left me there sobbing and moments later I felt her fingers removing my butt plug. After greasing me, she thrust into me and fucked me while I sobbed but I still pushed back as ordered to give her maximum stimulation.

As she fucked me, I felt her fingers caress the welts on my back and as she reached her orgasm, I knew that beating me had aroused her strongly. I expected she would refuse to give me a token but I was surprised and strangely forgiving of her when she tenderly placed a token on my neck chain.

I was devoted to her and acquiesced willingly to any of her demands. Although my hair was growing back quickly, some nights she would still put the blonde wig on me after applying bright lipstick to my plump lips before slowly fucking my face. Even after licking and sucking the dildo until it was wet, Veronica would still grease me before entering to fuck me tenderly.

Afterwards, we would sleep together and those were the nights I enjoyed the most. One night, Veronica spooned against me, her naked body warm and soft against mine and her hand cupped my cock in its chastity tube as we drifted off to sleep.

Her sexual drive seemed greater than Luisa’s and I reached the five tokens within four weeks so I found myself kneeling once more before her with my cock freed. As before, I held my hard cock in my left hand while I stared up her dress at her panties, which were black, this time. How I longed to tongue her but she tantalisingly denied me.

“Baby, would you like to kiss my panties?” she teased.

“Yes, Miss Veronica,” begged loudly. “Please!”

“Move closer,” she whispered and I moved my face so I was inches from the smooth silk of her panties, my cock pulsing in my hand. “Stick out your tongue.” My tongue quivered so close to her and my cock was dangerously throbbing. “One gentle lick,” Veronica said and my tongue touched her panties. “Come, baby,” she whispered and I started to caress my cock. It took but an instant and I was exploding with a groan onto the floor before me as she keenly watched me. It took a moment to regain my breath but I still watched her panties as she slowly arranged her skirt until they disappeared from view.

Again, I locked the tube myself and, without hesitation, gave Veronica the key. That night as I fell asleep in my own bed, I realised I was enjoying my life with Veronica and hadn’t missed Luisa for sometime.

Then, the bombshell dropped!

I heard cars pull up and peered through the lace curtains. Luisa got out of one and I recognised Andrew as the driver and Roberta stepped from the other vehicle. Andrew stayed in the car as the two women walked into the house.

Veronica looked at me sadly as Luisa strode in. It was a strange look, one of concern, apprehension and sadness.

“Hello, mother,” Luisa said, kissing Veronica on the cheek and ignoring me. “I’ve come to finish this as we agreed.”

“I’m not sure he will be able to transition now,” Veronica said guardedly.

“Is that because you don’t want this to end?,” Luisa snapped. “I want to finalise this.” She then turned to me. “Billy,” she said softly, “sit down. I need to talk to you.”

Uncertainly, I sat as did Veronica and Roberta but Luisa remained standing, pacing back and forth.

“First of all, Billy,” she said in a formal tone. “I want to deeply apologise for everything that has happened.” She stared straight ahead and I felt certain she had rehearsed this speech. “Mother is, as you know, a Dominant as is her friend Roberta.” I glanced at Veronica and Roberta who actually looked away nervously.

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Luisa paused and then suddenly, the words rushed out. “I believed I was dominant as well and Mother and I had a stupid bet. And you, Billy, were perfect, as you were new to town and a simple young man. We all expected that when our friend Rombossi told you about the chastity belt, you would run a mile. Unfortunately, you didn’t and things sort of escalated.”

My mouth gaped and my heart pounded as I listened to this incredible tale. All three of the women could not look me in the eye as I turned to each of them. The words poured from Luisa again. “Billy, we couldn’t stop and it got out of control! The wedding and everything was just a joke, we are not married!” That hit me with a jolt and I felt my eyes prickling.

“What about Caruso?” I croaked.

“He was a submissive friend of mine,” Veronica said quietly, “who enjoys a play with me every now and again. He’s alive and well in New York.”

They watched me silently, Luisa with fear in her eyes but Veronica and Roberta had concern in theirs. Luisa lowered her face and started again.

“Mother and I had an argument and she said I didn’t understand that dominance was about dependence. I thought I had proven her wrong when you said you depended on me but she said the dependence was both ways. She also said she had realised you were a true submissive.” A small tear trickled down Luisa’s cheek. “As I drove back, I realised I wasn’t dominant, that I wanted a normal life with a husband and children. Andrew and I are getting married in the fall.”

I knew tears were slowly rolling down my cheeks but I didn’t care. Luisa pulled a key from her purse and put it in my hand. “here,” she said softly, “set yourself free. Goodbye, Billy and I’m sorry.” Luisa was crying openly as she ran from the house and, moments later, we heard the car drive away.

I looked at the key in my hand, closed my fist around it and walked to my room, ignoring the two women. As I lay in my room, thinking about all that had happened, I heard voices for a while, then a car driving away followed by silence as the night moved on. What was I to do and where was I to go?

Deep inside I knew I would miss this house and also Veronica. Finally, I used the key to unlock the chastity tube and started to play with myself. It took a while but I came and then rolled over to sleep.

Veronica’s bedroom was dark when I entered it promptly at seven so I pulled the curtain back after placing the tray on the bedside table. Her eyes opened with surprise and she looked me up and down, smiling slightly when she saw the chastity tube in place.

Casually, she stretched and swung her legs out of the bed. “How are you, baby?” she asked softly, her warm eyes studying me.

“I am yours Miss Veronica,” I said simply, eyes lowered.

Veronica stood up and toyed with the key to the chastity tube that I had left on the tray next to her breakfast. “You want to give this to me, baby?” she asked, turning around with the key in her hand.

“It is yours Miss Veronica,” I answered, knowing it was true and a warm smile flooded her beautiful face.

“That should be Mistress, I think. Don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Did you jerk off last night, baby?”

I hung my head. “Yes Mistress,” I said miserably.

She put her finger under my chin, tilting my face up so she look me directly in the eye. “Was it enjoyable?” she teased.

“No Mistress,” I answered truthfully.

Veronica brushed her fingers over my lips and smiled. “You are a true submissive and I’m a true dominant. We are dependent on each other and that, most people don’t understand.” Veronica undid the token chain around my neck and threw it over her shoulder, her eyes boring into me. “We won’t need that. You come when I decide. Do you understand, baby?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I replace it with a permant collar. Run my bath and lay out my business clothes as we have much to do.” She looked around the room as if remembering all the details. “I’ve decided to travel for a while.” My heart fell and my eyes prickled at the thought of being alone. Veronica saw my face and smiled at me. “Of course, a lady can not travel without her servant, can she?”

I smiled happily at her. “Of course not Mistress,” and I ran off to run her bath.

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