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Enjoy …

Mistress Roulette’s has opened her own Premium Clips Store, and here’s a free preview video of the kind of content she puts out. Watch as she mercilessly teases Mister P.

If you want more free femdom videos, then visit the Free Clips Store dedicated to Female Domination.


If You Only Knew by M. Roulette

Years ago, I found myself embroiled in some rather inappropriate, though, no doubt common, office politics. I wrote this to blow off some steam. It remained scrawled in a journal of mine filled with random bits of nothing in particular. Until now.

Part I, II, and III

Tokens of Love by Nessus

A deeply textured tale of a man turned fully-owned slave thanks to the thorough work of a pair of female Dominants employing all of their time-honoured tricks: forced chastity, manipulation, corporal punishment, and especially strap-on play.

Femdom Island Milking Competition

This is a story off of the internet. It’s anonymous, but it was clearly written by a man (there’s a telltale fascination with size.) It depicts a man who is bound and undergoes forced masturbation in front of a group of women.

Movie Night by Roger

This is a story Roger wrote based in part on his experiences as a teenage boy with his relentlessly cock-teasing teenage girlfriend. It features a long tease and denial session.

A Little Reminder by Mister P

My slave penned this vignette a while ago from the perspective of his fantasy dominant woman. I’ve since edited it to my liking.

Worship My Ass by Mister P

A story from a series originally conceptualised by my slave, and re-written by me.

Worship My Feet by Mister P

Another story from the same series originally conceptualised by my slave, and, of course, re-written by me.

Femdom Bride Galleries & Flash Movie

Femdom Bride is a wonderful site that depicts a real world female dominant relationship between Goddess Starla and her slave. They have provided the following four picture galleries and movie for your entertainment.

Movie: Chastity Tease

Description: Goddess Starla masturbates with her magic wand while her slave is teased in chastity

CBT Tease

Goddess Starla enjoys a nice cock and ball torture session with her lifestyle slave – she does not hesitate to give him pleasure…but never allowing him to cum. She knows he can take more abuse and prolong her amusement of torturing his pathetic cock and balls.

Strapon Punishment

When Goddess Starla finds her husband 24/7 slave relaxing on the couch she decides he needs an attitude adjustment. She makes him fetch her strapon, put it on over her jeans, and take its full length in his ass – as a reminder for him never to take a break from being her slave without permission ever again.

Ruined Orgasm To Chastity

Goddess Starla teases her slave with a handjob and foot job, but does not allow him to cum – after edging him for what feels like hours – Randy just cannot handle it anymore and he cums without permission. Of course Starla stops touching him the instant she sees him cumming – ruining his orgasm – and as a punishment locks him in chastity for two whole weeks.

POV Chastity Brutality

Goddess Starla teases her husband slave while he is locked in his CB-6000 chastity device, while making him watch her get herself off with a sex toy.

Hot Movie 30 Second Previews

And here are some 30 second clips of videos over at Hot Movies that I thought you might like. For one thing, who doesn’t like tits? Check out these babies at the Big Boob Car Wash.

I’ve always been a big admirer of Chantz Fortune’s ability to wield a strap-on, and the set-up they did with “Super Steve” in this scene in Boss Bitches #8 is excellent. They entice him with the idea that they are going to have a blow job contest, then they turn the tables on him. Just Watch.

On to other dommes, Aiden Starr is a very attractive domme who really knows how to start a scene off right. Just watch the open to Fetish Zone #5.