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BDS&M Episode #7: Real Life Update and Listener Feedback #1


In keeping with the new, more focused format, we will periodically have episodes dedicated to miscellaneous stuff going on in our lives. It will also be a chance to tackle listener feedback. In this episode, we get the lastest updates on Cybele, the comedian, and go over some listener submitted feedback about the new Podcast.

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How to Break Your Man, Post Interview


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Mistress Roulette Strap-On Video Conclusion


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The concluding video for the “First Tease of the Week” we published so long ago.

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The Ladies Guide to Deflowering a Man’s Ass


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The Punishing of the Dyke


This one took a while to edit. It’s the first time I’ve ever worked with a green screen and it clearly shows. Still, Lily Cade and Ela Darling do a wonderful job of acting. In this scene, Ela Darling has been caught shoplifting! Lily Cade plays the security guard who’s out to punish her for shop lifting from her store, except she lets lust get the better part of her. So she abuses her power over her and instead have her work off her conviction… on her back.

Lily starts by forcing her against the table and kicking her legs apart as she frisks her. She then takes her dress of and starts to handcuffs her before she takes our her crop to abuse her feet and tits.

Before too long, it’s time to fuck. Lily starts by playing with Ela’s pretty pink pussy to bring her to orgasm. She then takes out a double sided dildo so they can both get themselves off. She scene finishes with Ela going down on Lily.

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New Video: Lesbian Couples Therapy


We’re continuing on in the genre of sex going on in Mistress Roulette’s counseling office, and Lily Cade and Ela Darling really know how to get down to it.

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New Video Release “Domme Lessons: Queening and Objectification”


Mistress Roulette’s second in the “Domme Lessons” series. When this couple (Cheyenne and Kid Dynamite) comes for couples therapy, they get more than they bargained for. But then, what else would you expect when your Couple’s Therapist is a Dominatrix.

She teaches Cheyenne that she needs to be in complete control of the relationship and teach her man his place- under her ass and feet. Mistress Roulette shows Cheyenne that a humble man is a happy man, and what better why to keep him humble than forcing him to get you off after licking your feet? First he is forced to try to go through Couple’s Therapy while Cheyenne is sticking her stinky feet in his face. Then Cheyenne straps a dildo to his face and forces him to watch helplessly as she rides it to orgasm, all the while discussing her relationship with Roulette.

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Here’s our free preview.

Preview Video: Teaching Brandi Belle How to Subjugate Her Man


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Preview Video: Spank Lessons


Important Elements in a Femdom Strap-On Video


Let me share with you the opening 30 seconds of Gentleman Video’s Boss Bitches #17: Reaming and Screaming.

This opening leaves me flat because the man really wants it. Also, what’s up with the zebra cock? We’ve got one of our own, and we’ve talked about it on past Podcasts. Those black strips are where the latex has absorbed black ink from other surfaces it has been in touch with like leather. When your cheap $20 latex dildo has gotten that many strips, it’s probably time to buy a new one.

Now, compare that to a similar scene from Boss Bitches #8: Ass Destroyers.

The idea that the woman is imposing her will to make her man submit is, for me, the key to strap-on porn and, without that element, I just find the video unwatchable. The contest of wills featured out pretty vividly in the video we released on Xhamster, and it got many positive reviews. It also got a handful of negative reviews, and I always try to be attentive to it to see if I can find areas where future videos could be improved. Here’s what one detractor wrote:

Filming sucked. Need a new camera.

MIR — Is always great! So enjoyed it.

P — Ahhh…Not so much. Seemed just…I don’t know…out of it. In all honesty — brought the whole scene…DOOOOWN! Made it robotic. Not fun or hot. Being honest

I suppose I was a bit robotic in some scenes, but I think it was this element that caused a number of Xhamster commentaries to say I was being raped- which a lot of people found hot. There comes a point in submission where you just, well, lay back and take it and Mistress Roulette did an excellent job of getting me to that point in that video.

I’m not sure how to be more animated and fun without sacrificing the contest of wills that, for me, if the real heart and soul of these scenes.

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