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Looking for Male Actors for Tease and Denial Videos


Hey Everyone,

We’ve started to make Chastity Tease and Denial Videos similar to the ones that my Mistress and I put out a while ago.

If anyone is around the Los Angeles area and is interested in being in videos that involve:
– Male Chastity
– Tease and Denial
– Bondage
– Corporal Punishment
– Strap-on play
– Objectification

Then by all means, let me know.

Paypal is Dead! Long Live Alertpay!


Once upon a time, this website ran on Paypal. If you wanted to donate money to Mistress Roulette, you just clicked on the Donate Now button in the right column. If you wanted a session with Mistress Roulette, you went to the Services tab and selected how long a session you wanted off of the Paypal drop down menu. Paypal was the intermediary to this transaction and it helped to lend an air of respectability to our little corner of the web.

This manner of doing business seemed an easy compromise for all concerned. Unfortunately, Paypal has recently decided that they no longer want to be involved with us. They seem to have moral qualms about being involved with anything close to the adult industry that’s not specifically toys. They deactivated our account and let us know on no uncertain terms that our business was most unwelcome.

Sigh. Oh, well. As sorry as I was to see it go, I am prepared to bid farewell to Paypal. I never try to do business with people who feel that they are morally superior to me. I just can’t stand that hypocrisy. So, I had to hunt around for an alternative payment service that would accept credit cards or allow people to draft from their bank accounts. Enter Alertpay.

Alertpay is like Paypal, except it’s French. As you might imagine, the French don’t have all the moral hangups that we Americans seem to. They reviewed our website and gave us their seal of approval. So, now Mistress Roulette is proud to offer Alertpay for all of her services. It will allow you to use your credit cards or bank account drafts to pay for sessions with Mistress Roulette the exact same way that Paypal used to.

The donate button doesn’t work quite as well. You have to enter the amount of money you want to donate into the field above the button and then click the button to make the donation, but that seems a small price to pay for working with a vendor that actually wants your business.

Take care,
Mistress Roulette’s Head Slave

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