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Mister P Reviews: Lesbian Porn, Pink Velvet 3


A young Janine Lindemulder getting licked by Robin

I consume a fair amount of pornography, and lesbianism has to be my absolute favorite topic. It started when I was an adolescent and got a hold of my first bunch of Penthouse magazines. The sight of Janine Lindemulder getting licked by “Robin” grabbed me in ways that just made me want to cum. I had a real crush on Janine Lindemulder back in those days. I fantasized that I would one day head out to Los Angeles and find her. It’s funny how things work out. Janine’s now the ex-wife of Jesse James, a classification she shares with Sandra Bullock, and is fighting for custody of her children. I remember being in the checkout isle of a grocery store and seeing the title, “Sandra Bullock fights for custody with Porn Queen” and thinking how sad it was that Janine wasn’t even entitled to a name. I guess she should have stuck to girls. Come to think of it, Janine and Sandra Bullock… hmm.


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