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Joy and Cuckoldry


My wife and her lover went ALL the way a couple of weeks ago. She is preparing her own post about her experiences, Being our first official foray into cuckolding, we’ve been communicating a lot about what it all means going forward. It has taken us in a surprising direction.

First off, let me say that I’ve had a hard time finding a precise label for what we’re doing. Unlike so many other couples I have NOT been driving my wife’s activities. It doesn’t thrill me to share her and, quite frankly, I get a bit annoyed by all the posts by men lamenting that they can’t get their wife to sleep around on them.

So since our relationship is currently open only one way at my wife’s direction, the label of cuckold and perhaps femdom seem to apply. But, in light of recent events, I have had a paradoxical reaction to it, I have ended up feeling more masculine and empowered as a result because of the unusual nature of the relationship with her lover.


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BDS&Marriage Episode #4: What to Expect When Your Wife Loves Another Man


In this episode, Auby is upset because of how Preston characterized her relationship with the comedian way back in Episode 1. She expressed her displeasure with his tendency to mock her desires to have passionate sex with another man. They then have a frank and very heart-felt discussion about how they really feel.

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Beyond Safe, Sane and Consensual


Ethics can be a sticky business. You have to come up with a code by which people can make decisions that will provide some benefit to someone. Ask a panel of ethicists whether I should engage in random acts of wholesale slaughter against innocents, and you will (hopefully) get a chorus of resounding “Nos!” In the field of ethics, taking actions to harm others is typically frowned upon.

Things start to get sticky, though, if you’ve made prior arrangements by which you inflict harm on someone else who has agreed to be hurt. You start to enter the realm of, “Well, whatever makes you happy.” But even that runs into problems. If someone consents to have you kill them because they know how much you love killing people, is it ethical to go ahead and kill them?

I think not. The BDSM community came up with certain guidelines regarding what kind of play was good to engage in, and they seem to have settled on “safe, sane and consentual.” Engaging in murder against a consenting adult is not safe by definitions once they end up dead. Also, the adult who consented probably wasn’t sane to begin with.

It’s a decent guideline, but I don’t think it goes far enough. Sure, murder isn’t safe, but what about cutting off random body parts? A more common example, unfortunately, would be the whole total power exchange thing. If I have total power of you, and I decide that you should systematically lose all contact with the outside world, all friends and loved ones, and become so immersed into our little BDSM world that you simply can’t function in society any more, is that ethical? The answer is fairly obvious, “Hell no!”

Whether this kind of consentual abuse passes the muster of safe, sane and consentual is really sticky though. How can the average fat, white trash couple in Boise, Idaho develop a good handle on what is sane to begin with? It’s just too ill defined a definition to be particularly useful.

Of course, the white trash couple is Boise is going to engage in whatever kinds of crazy shit they want to regardless of what I think about it. So it’s not like a more rigorous ethical definition really serves much purpose here, but what about whe they go on the pages of Fetlife and hold their obviously abusive relationship as a model for others to follow? Now the rest of the yokels are presented

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Mister and Missus P


We may be kinky, but we pretty much stuck to tradition with for our family’s being present and all. It was quite a moving ceremony.


No Podcast, But We Made a Video


It’s been a while since Mistress Roulette has updated her blog. There are three reasons for that. The first is that nothing really seems to get her writing like emotional distress, and she hasn’t been going through much of that lately. Since her last post, she and Jack got back together. So she isn’t going through the breakup blues anymore.

The second reason that she hasn’t been updating her blog as much is that she just started a new job working at my casino and that’s taken up a lot of her free time. Lastly, and strangely connected to this new job, she and I are getting formally married. It’s a long stony, but she’s planning a wedding for the end of this month, and it’s taking up all of her free time.

I’ve been meaning to out a Podcast out, but every time I think would be a good time, suddenly wedding planning starts happening. Last night I thought for sure we’d have a couple of hours before we left for Texas for the holidays, but a new friend of Roulette’s from work (it does her good to have new female friends, BTW) came over and they were picking out rings for her.

We did record a video on Thanksgiving. It was when she was really overcome with blues about her break up with Jack. Strangely enough, she starts crying about half the way through the video. If you want to buy this video, check out “How to Break Your Man, Part 3″ over in the gallery. I made a preview video for you to watch if you’d like to see it.

Other than that, I hope everyone has a good Christmas.

Mister P Reviews: Lesbian Porn, Pink Velvet 3


A young Janine Lindemulder getting licked by Robin

I consume a fair amount of pornography, and lesbianism has to be my absolute favorite topic. It started when I was an adolescent and got a hold of my first bunch of Penthouse magazines. The sight of Janine Lindemulder getting licked by “Robin” grabbed me in ways that just made me want to cum. I had a real crush on Janine Lindemulder back in those days. I fantasized that I would one day head out to Los Angeles and find her. It’s funny how things work out. Janine’s now the ex-wife of Jesse James, a classification she shares with Sandra Bullock, and is fighting for custody of her children. I remember being in the checkout isle of a grocery store and seeing the title, “Sandra Bullock fights for custody with Porn Queen” and thinking how sad it was that Janine wasn’t even entitled to a name. I guess she should have stuck to girls. Come to think of it, Janine and Sandra Bullock… hmm.


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Mister P’s Chastity Cycle Ends Tomorrow …


He’s been very good, too. I’d like to reward him for his behaviour — but with what? Hey, maybe you’ve got some fun suggestions or exciting ideas I could incorporate into our scene …

If so, I’d love to hear ’em. And never forget, my group members — my Best Bets — always have full access to not only the chastity journal, but my little devious pontifications. In fact, they can ask me anything they want to.

Would you like to join up? It’s easy — and totally free. (And don’t worry about being approved; I’ll take care of that for you.)

I wonder what wild and crazy things we’ll cook up this time — or if we’ll just be kickin’ it old school. (I do love a good T&D scene.)

Decisions, decisions.

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A Most Intense Kind of Sex


Like other women I’ve dated, Roulette developed an non-penetrative way to achieve orgasm from all of her years spent as an abstinent teenager. She has the ability to sit in my lap and grind her naked pussy against my cock until she achieves orgasm. It’s quite hot, actually; particularly, if it’s being coupled with a tease and denial scene, as she is often wont to do.

As I’ve written in prior posts, episodes of chastity tend to give me these overwhelming feelings of intensity. On Saturday night, I was definitely feeling it, and she had already let me know that I would NOT be coming this weekend. I felt the telltale sense of growing awe as I got home from work that night and looked upon her; the femininity of her body always seems so amazing about three days into chastity. The shape of her face, the heave of her breasts, and the feel of her ass, all seem to be entirely new; it’s as though she were the only woman in the world to me.

But with that sense of awe also comes a sense of dread, for she is going to use me for her pleasure and I am to be kept wanting. With that in mind, she took me over to the couch, sat straddle of my lap, and started kissing me. She and I really enjoy long make-out sessions, although, during these times my submissiveness really comes through. I just melt under her as she pushes my face back and runs her tongue down the length of my neck. We continue making out as she whips my longing for her into a fevered pitch and then commands me to take my pants off. I do so and sit submissively on the couch waiting for her next move.

She stands before me as I sit on the couch and look at her. Given my submissive mindset and the need to come, the power of her sexuality intimidates and scares me as she lowers her panties to her ankles. I have no idea what she’s going to do to me, but I’m already under her thumb and feel a growing sense of dread as she straddles my lap. She positions herself so that her pussy is rubbing right against my cock and begins to grind away as I’m forced to helplessly watch her get herself off. (more…)

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Starting Another Chastity Cycle

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Well I’m back in Chastity until at least Monday. It was so nice to get relief on Monday. Mistress took me with her strap-on as she allowed me to touch myself. We did not have a long and involved resolution to the period of chastity as she had expected because she just hadn’t been feeling well, but the release is always wonderful.

Unlike other female-led relationships I read about online, ours has power exchange elements that can reverse at times. That is to say, when she’s not exercising control, she allows me certain liberties in regards to “taking her.” I think it’s a fundamental right of all women to be “taken” sexually by the one they want. I think it a primal need to feel desired and wanted and validated that just can’t get expressed during periods of chastity and extreme control. So the next morning I enjoyed a more aggressive sexual experience that culminated in my using her breasts to achieve orgasm. Apparently this was the first time she had ever allowed a man to do this to her, and I was very happy to be one of her firsts.

I love the feeling of my cock sliding between her tits- knowledge that she has used to her advantage during certain teasing scenes. But that orgasm was the last one I’ve had in the last three days and we are now beginning chastity again. At this point, I feel very excited about what this period of chastity may bring me. I’m simply overcome by raw enthusiasm and the hope of new experience. I will, of course, keep everyone apprised as to my progress.

Frustration 1, Arousal 3

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Deliberate Manipulations


When my boyfriend, Mr. P, told me a couple of days into our most recent experiment with chastity that if I didn’t do the scene soon, he’d start deliberately picking fights and creating disharmony in our usually level and very rarely rocky relationship, I took heed. Within seconds, I could feel the control being silently taken from me; the pressure of having to perform starting to bear down. If my emotions didn’t ebb and flow to the same rhythm as his need for abuse, then he was going to actively bring it out of me — even if not necessarily consciously. It was an important piece of honesty, which I praised him for, and appreciated his expressing it to me. But it didn’t lessen my predicament in any way.

See, I wasn’t ready yet. Not nearly. My head was swimming with intriguing and intense behavioural modification methodology, since part of the grand scheme is learning to transform some facets of our darker natures into that which can be better integrated into our base personalities. Namely, his, since mine can be expressed through my fiction, or even being particularly forceful in my demeanour. His, however, needs direct, merciless abuse.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to abuse the one you love? More so, if you have been abused by people who, at points of your life, have claimed to love you?

Talk about a mindfuck. (more…)

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