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BDS&M Episode #6: Disregarding Cybele


Auby and Preston now face the wrath of the Cybelians! Fetlife user Cybele_ has now presented a list of demands less she unleash her barbarian horde of male human toilets to do untold damage and destruction. Will our intrepid heroes escape this fate? Will they cave to Cybele’s demands? It’s hostage negotiation time with the woman who loves people to eat her poop.

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BDS&Marriage Episode #3: SSC v Mutual Benefit v “Real Femdom”


Auby, Preston, and Allen get together to discuss the rumblings on Fetlife. Specifically, the strange way in which the kinky community carries itself, the bizarre attitudes people seem to pass off as common place, and how incensed they become when challenged. Preston introduces Jigoro Kano’s philosophy of “mututal welfare and benefit” and applies it to kink. The three then compare this philosophy to Fetlife user Cybele_, a proponent of “real femdom.”

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Beyond Safe, Sane and Consensual


Ethics can be a sticky business. You have to come up with a code by which people can make decisions that will provide some benefit to someone. Ask a panel of ethicists whether I should engage in random acts of wholesale slaughter against innocents, and you will (hopefully) get a chorus of resounding “Nos!” In the field of ethics, taking actions to harm others is typically frowned upon.

Things start to get sticky, though, if you’ve made prior arrangements by which you inflict harm on someone else who has agreed to be hurt. You start to enter the realm of, “Well, whatever makes you happy.” But even that runs into problems. If someone consents to have you kill them because they know how much you love killing people, is it ethical to go ahead and kill them?

I think not. The BDSM community came up with certain guidelines regarding what kind of play was good to engage in, and they seem to have settled on “safe, sane and consentual.” Engaging in murder against a consenting adult is not safe by definitions once they end up dead. Also, the adult who consented probably wasn’t sane to begin with.

It’s a decent guideline, but I don’t think it goes far enough. Sure, murder isn’t safe, but what about cutting off random body parts? A more common example, unfortunately, would be the whole total power exchange thing. If I have total power of you, and I decide that you should systematically lose all contact with the outside world, all friends and loved ones, and become so immersed into our little BDSM world that you simply can’t function in society any more, is that ethical? The answer is fairly obvious, “Hell no!”

Whether this kind of consentual abuse passes the muster of safe, sane and consentual is really sticky though. How can the average fat, white trash couple in Boise, Idaho develop a good handle on what is sane to begin with? It’s just too ill defined a definition to be particularly useful.

Of course, the white trash couple is Boise is going to engage in whatever kinds of crazy shit they want to regardless of what I think about it. So it’s not like a more rigorous ethical definition really serves much purpose here, but what about whe they go on the pages of Fetlife and hold their obviously abusive relationship as a model for others to follow? Now the rest of the yokels are presented

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Mystressworld is Revealed as a Scam


Mistress Roulette and I knew this was a scam from the get-go, but here’s a post from a Mystressworld insider revealing that the website had no intention of ever matching submissive men to dominant women. Instead, it was just looking to cash in on the fantasy. I’ve very proud of the controversial stance that Mistress Roulette took. It always feels good to be vindicated.

What follows is the entire text of what this Mistress wrote for those who want to read it. (more…)


… I Rest My Case.


Thanks to the almighty gods of search engine optimisation, I’m #4 on the Google search for ‘Elise Sutton Femdom’. Rock on. A couple ahead of me, there’s another link: It was talking about Sutton, so I checked it out. Not very positive. In fact, a lot of the postings on the forum seemed to be agreeing that Sutton is a ‘caricature’ and her website is ‘out of touch with reality'; written purely as ‘masturbatory fuel for neurotic male submissives’ and not at all geared toward its self-proclaimed target audience: female dominants.

But, wait! There’s more … (more…)

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Elise Sutton: ‘Freudian’ Femdom Fraud


Elise Sutton's Femdom Experience CoverJesus. This bitch can’t tell her id from her death instinct, and her website clearly needs to be put out of its misery. But let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

So, here I am, wandering the web minding my own beeswax, when — lo and behold — I find yet another site on Female Supremacy. (Always in caps, mind. Forget proper sentence construction or grammatical correctness.) Fantastic. As if wasn’t enough of a blight on the whole of femdom, (plenty more on the madness of Mystress to come), now I’ve discovered Elise Sutton — who, evidently, has been around for a hell of a lot longer than a quack like her ever needed to be. Not to mention her ‘Psychoanalysis of the Submissive Male’ is inherently flawed on the basis alone of containing absolutely no psychoanalysis whatsoever. Can you do that? Write a piece about violins and title it: ‘A Theory of Baseball’? I was under the impression that it was faulty — not to mention just flat dumb. Of course, anyone with an actual degree in Psychology, (yours truly) can tell after 5 agonising seconds on this wacko’s website that this woman wouldn’t know an unconditioned stimulus if it bit her in her female supremacist ass.

For those of you who have not studied in the field of Psychology, psychoanalysis is very specific to the theories and practises first introduced by Freud — who very heavily believed in male supremacy based off of biology alone. Oh, I’m all for turning a field on its head and flipping it about. But you first have to have some idea of what you’re seeking to challenge. You want to break psychodynamic theory? Okay, then first, you need to learn it. Which, clearly, this cuckoo hasn’t.

This is not a difficult concept to grasp. (more…)

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