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Men Marry Bitches? Oh, REALLY?

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So, my favourite socio-pundit, Blanche Black, is at it again. This time quoting Sherry Argov. You may remember her. She’s the chick who believed so heartily that women love bitches that she wrote a book on it. Zoom. Best-seller. At that point, she realised that love wasn’t enough for the fairer populous. No, no. If that love doesn’t come with a price-tag — typically with diamonds (and don’t get me started on why that in itself is insanity) accompanied by wedding bells, it’s just not bringing it home. Of course, Argov couldn’t stop there, so she presented to the world this past summer her magnum opus: Why Men MARRY Bitches.

Oh, dear, christ. How can I ever hope to express the full extent of my conflict over this?


A) It’s largely true — and it works.

B) It shouldn’t. It really, really shouldn’t.

See, I’m rather living proof of this, since my mother’s earliest lessons involved manipulating men. I was too young to realise that it was … well, kinda wrong, and that the world didn’t really work that way. (I know. Funny coming from a domme, isn’t it?) The truth is, I don’t believe in either (or any) sex being superior to the other. Both genders have strengths and weaknesses. Really, they fit together quite neatly, once you get past the cosmic joke of all the internal conflict. And even that’s not true in every case. Quite honestly, dominant women and submissive men get on very well in tandem. So long as they both remember to respect and appreciate each other.

But … it doesn’t seal the deal.


Sad, that in this day and age, we have to look at tying the knot as a business transaction, but really, isn’t no different from any other sales conversion. You’ve each convinced the other that you’re worth the contractual agreement, because of your fancy advertising or dollars poured into market research, so you sign on the dotted line. It’s true that men don’t marry nice girls. Nope. They marry bitches. They like nice girls. They enjoy nice girls bringing them coffee and sharing their office space. Cleaning up their desk and ensuring that the blinds are open when they come in and closed when they leave. They probably even appreciate those women who take the time and effort to make their lives a little easier, to see that they feel supported, valued, and loved.

But do they seal the deal with a nice women?

Natch. (more…)