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And Contrariwise


Oh, my relationship with all-things-Wonderland runs deep, and stems from as far back as I can remember; traipsing about my grandparents’ mansion as a young girl, pretending that I was wandering a world far from this one.

It’s no wonder that my masterpiece would be a derivative works — for those unfamiliar, known as Hunting Alice, soon to be an audio drama series and broadcast on the Internet.

This, strangely enough, is not about that … exactly. This is about something else. Deeper. The roots of Roulette, in some sense. While I am always aware of myself, I do have momentary lapses of … treason? No. Season? Hmm, not quite. And ‘reason’ doesn’t cut it, since they’re not always unreasonable; but they do change me.

There are many people milling about in my head — many of which whom are my own creations, and present themselves in my fiction works. But sometimes, I get a bit too method. Certain characters, unfortunately, are so deeply ingrained within me that when something triggers them (or someone) it’s all I can do to keep firm hold of myself. It’s just so otherwise natural to slip into the masque of someone else.


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In all my experience studying Psychology, still, to this day, certain bizarre antics leave me shaking my head. Like this particular cyber hit-and-run in a private message while on CollarMe’s IRC server. Fellow Dommes, beware. This guy’s out there, and he is annoying. Worse, he doesn’t seem to hang out in any channel, and just scouts from out of nowhere. No ChanOp to which to report him, and I can’t locate a profile on CM. On top of that, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d have to say he’s about a 3 in comparison to others with whom I’ve role-played or written.

Oh, yeah. And as for you ‘clever’ guys out there? Don’t try and top a Domme. It’s bad form. Besides, you’re just begging for trouble.

All that being said, for those seeking a bit of amusement, enjoy.


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Dealing With BMFs

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Two words: Bad time.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of women having gone completely amok due to certain hormonal fluctuations. Yeah. Normal, average, everyday women. Now. Imagine what happens when that woman is a dominatrix.


Like I said before. It’s a bad time. Not for everyone, just the broke motherfuckers who cannot seem to read, and think it’s a good idea (read: bad idea, very, very bad idea) to see if they can play me thereby through playing dumb.

Do not try and play me. Ever. Two reasons, both equally valid: A) I will know, and B) you will lose. Both of these are unsatisfactory outcomes for you. So, for those of you who think this an amusing past-time, consider your options wisely, and act with care.

Now, all of that being said. I’ve decided that a few of these charming little chats could serve as an example to really bring the point home. Without further ado, the first of, I sincerely hope, not many.