Joy and Cuckoldry

My wife and her lover went ALL the way a couple of weeks ago. She is preparing her own post about her experiences, Being our first official foray into cuckolding, we’ve been communicating a lot about what it all means going forward. It has taken us in a surprising direction.

First off, let me say that I’ve had a hard time finding a precise label for what we’re doing. Unlike so many other couples I have NOT been driving my wife’s activities. It doesn’t thrill me to share her and, quite frankly, I get a bit annoyed by all the posts by men lamenting that they can’t get their wife to sleep around on them.

So since our relationship is currently open only one way at my wife’s direction, the label of cuckold and perhaps femdom seem to apply. But, in light of recent events, I have had a paradoxical reaction to it, I have ended up feeling more masculine and empowered as a result because of the unusual nature of the relationship with her lover.

He’s a lonely, sexually inexperienced person has not been able to find the human connection he’s craved. That my wife wants to provide him love, affection and, yes, sex seems a noble act. In an attempt to better understand the dynamics of what is going on, I broke protocol and called him today. We had a frank discussion about things. He was appreciative of my allowing him into the family and appreciative of the relationship he had with me. So, instead of having a level of antagonism, there is a level of respect. As he himself said, “She’s your wife. You decide what happens.”

So I’m approaching this with a sense of abundance rather than scarcity, That she shares affections with someone else does not mean there is less of her affection to go around. By extending our family by one, there is more joy to go around. I am pleased with this and don’t understand why so many approach Cuckoldry from a sense of scarcity: my wife belongs to another because I can’t have her and don’t deserve her, I don’t understand why people seek to maximize their misery.

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