How to Break Your Man

I finally finished subtitling the scene that Roulette and I did that was virtually ruined due to Jerry’s poor camera work.

I hope you like it.

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  1. Bill Bogamill Says:

    This video was absolutely a masterpiece…Despite the shoddy camera work…Mistress Roulette you are a gifted Dom…and Mr. P is a very luck sub…The interplay between you is so intimate and so intense…I was aroused by it while at the same time I felt compelled to look away because the intimacy was so real…Bravo…Brave…

  2. Rob Says:

    That is the hottest video that I have ever seen.

  3. Curious Says:

    I have seen THOUSANDS of videos in the last 10 years. This is by far the best sensual domination video that I have seen. I felt at home, at peace, in love, safe and aroused and panting and high – all at the same time.

    Dear Mistress Roulette – you are a genius. You know the emotions so precisely and you have impeccable timing.

  4. Mr. P Says:

    Thank you very much. Your encouragement means a lot to us.

  5. NIN Says:

    the video itself is very creative. it obviously speaks to fans of the genre and closer was a good fit for background music.
    however your performance of the song was disappointing in my opinion- though you have a good voice, you don’t seem to understand what the song is about or you don’t convey it right.

  6. Mr. P Says:

    She was sensitive about her performance of that song because she had done it when she didn’t have much of a voice. She made me delaying putting up the video until she had a better voice, but that time never came so I just went with what I had.

  7. SlaveMind Says:

    Personally I loved both the video and her performance of Closer. After the video I looked up a video of Trent Reznor singing closer and didn’t like it nearly as well. For me, it was the contrast between the lyrics and her soft and sweet voice that was fascinating, and it fit so well with the contrasting dynamics of scene. Thank you for one of the most honest pieces of BDSM video I’ve seen. It gives me an idea of what is possible.

  8. Mr. P Says:

    Thank you. Mistress Roulette is reading this with me and she is very moved. We both are.

  9. jc Says:

    Why can’t there be more videos like this? I mean, the whole “let me ram this huge dildo into you” was cool to watch a couple of times, but this, well, this was actually erotic! I loved the way she kept telling him to breath, that he needed to take one this big because it was her favorite. The build up and caring was what sold it for me.

  10. Mr. P Says:

    My thoughts exactly.

  11. Rodolfo Says:

    I’m interested in femdom for a very very long time now, but I always feared it because it was really too… anti-male (misandry). No love nor respect for men.
    This video is the first to show me a loving face of the female domination, and I thank you with all my heart for this. The voice of Miss Roulette, her kindness, the emotions involved, etc. everything is just so perfect that I was a bit weepy. Gosh, I need this so much…

    Thank you again.

  12. Vunch Says:

    These are ok and nice vids for those who want to ease into it and are perhaps new to this. I was looking for a scene where they get right down to it quickly, for example, in a horse stable over a wooden horse with her strapon actively moving in and out of his ass while he is actively taking it by meeting each thrust of hers in full motion

  13. Mister P Says:

    Really? So you want a strap-on vid that’s like every other strap-on vid?
    Well then why don’t you just go look at every other strap-on vid and leave this particular corner of the internet to those who want a more sensual experience.

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