How to Subscribe to Content Using an RSS Feed

Mistress Roulette just posted the conclusion to her first erotica piece, “If You Only Knew.” I hope you enjoy it.

I have also updated the Erotica RSS Feed to include this latest submission. However, I realize that a lot of you reading this site don’t really understand what that means. In fact, ad admirer of Mistress Roulette recently asked me during Dom Con to explain exactly what RSS is and how to use it.

In essence, RSS is a technology that allows you to subscribe to web content. This website currently offers three separate RSS feeds:

So you can subscribe to any or all of those RSS Feeds and receive immediate updates whenever there is new content for you. For instance, if you had subscribed to the Erotica RSS Feed you would have known that Mistress Roulette recently published the conclusion to her story without having to look over that the fr33 pron tab.

The real beauty of RSS is that it essentially works like the opposite of email. With email, someone sends you a message. With RSS, you subscribe to content, and your reader goes out and grabs the content whenever there’s something new available. In an of itself, a single RSS feed is really not much of a time saver, but if you start to subscribe to multiple RSS feeds then you could just go to one place and see where new site had been added. For instance, here’s a picture of My Yahoo after I subscribed to Mistress Roulette’s Erotica. You can see it right at the top of the list informing me that “If You Only Knew, Part III,” was just released. Right under that, there are news feeds telling me the top stories from Reuters.

How did I subscribe to it using My Yahoo, you ask? Easy, I just clicked on the particular RSS Feed and used the menu at the top. Personally, I prefer an email reader such as Mac Mail so that I can get my email and my RSS updates all in a single place. If you are the kind of person that is trying to maximize your time, then RSS can be a real blessing because it can aggregate all of your interests into a single reader and save you the time of going to each individual website to check for updates.

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